President’s Playlist: Print & Publishing Lions

Liz Taylor, Global Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett / Worldwide & Chief Creative Officer Publicis Communications North America and Jury President of the Print & Publishing Lions for 2021 shares her ten favourite Lion-winning pieces of work from over the years. Here, Liz considers world-class examples of creativity in circulation: ingenious ideas that leap off the page.

Budweiser TagWords, AB InBev, Africa São Paulo

It’s beautiful, simple, iconic and undeniably modern. This work hacks the system—ingeniously bypassing copyright limitations and celebrity endorsements while demonstrating the brand’s rich history in music and culture. TagWords reinvents the category in a completely unexpected, yet refreshing fashion.

McWhopper, Burger King, Young & Rubicam Auckland

The newspaper ad that sparked an entire ecosystem of content. McWhopper became the lynchpin to a massive, jealousy-inducing idea that lived beyond one piece. A print ad needs to be as attention-grabbing as your entire social feed. Or in this case, an ad that can be shared across your feed. It’s a nod to the power of a brilliant idea in any medium.

KFC FCK, KFC, Mother London

A masterclass in how a brand should respond to a situation or crisis; a creative apology of epic proportions. Reimagining your logo to express a moment of internal conflict and disappointment… And done in a way that challenges anyone to resist a smile when they see it. Simple. Brave. Provocative. FCKing brilliant.

KFC Hot & Spicy, KFC, Ogilvy Hong Kong

Craft. Craft. Craft. A visual metaphor that lets you sit back and appreciate craft in all it’s hot and spicy glory.

Gun Violence History Book, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, FCB USA

Can a publication stop a bullet? Can it change history? Can a haunting history combined with design and creativity help people and policy makers turn the page on gun violence? Not only can this publication do all of the above—it was able to do in one creative act what nothing was able to do in more than 200 years. A page-ripping, groundbreaking piece. The message is the medium. The medium is the message.

IKEA Pee Ad, IKEA, Akastam Holst

Nothing like reinventing a coupon ad with practical innovation. When a print ad becomes a pregnancy test… wonderfully weird.

BK Burning Stores, Burger King, David Miami

Look up bravery in any advertising dictionary and this would likely be listed. This is a classic display of what a print ad should be—simple, iconic, powerful, strategic. A striking image. A simple headline. But what puts this one over the edge is a client that’s willing to show their worst moment. A brand willing to be tongue-in-cheek and brave to the Nth degree. Embrace your imperfections with craft, simplicity and authenticity.

Endless Possibilities, Getty Images, BBDO São Paulo

An impressive feat. I can’t even begin to imagine the painstaking effort it took to find the perfect smile line or eyebrow in Getty’s image bank in order to create these digital doppelgangers. Details matter. This ad is a beautiful, uncanny demonstration of Getty itself, meticulously brought to life.