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Sustainability is an on-going journey - it’s about constant learning, bringing in the experts and establishing a foundation.

We’re setting long term goals and targets coupled with immediate action in the here and now. We want each edition of Cannes Lions to be the most sustainable it’s ever been. That only comes through establishing long term goals and intentions, and then taking consistent and deliberate action. We’ve appointed isla, a non-profit organisation founded by event professionals and industry leaders focusing on a sustainable future for events. They’re working with us to measure the carbon emissions of our event operations, and will help us create meaningful targets and develop a sustainability charter that sets the standard for sustainable event operations at Cannes Lions.

For Cannes Lions 2023 we will off-set all staff and jury flights and will implement measures to reduce waste and energy consumption, including solar charging stations, placing water fountains around the venue, and reducing the use of single use plastic. Recycling is also high on the agenda.

We continue to encourage all of our partners to look at their practices and behaviours to minimise their environmental impact, and provide guidance to help them make informed decisions about how they show up responsibly at Cannes Lions.

We have also partnered with GreenBee Event Upcycling, a not for profit association based in Cannes whose aim is to promote the reduction of various waste materials linked to the event industry and we will encourage our partners to use this service.

It’s important that we provide a platform and a global stage for activists and brands who are willing to demonstrate how they utilise their position to drive the sustainability agenda in practice not theory, and how to balance purpose and profit. Speakers will also examine the business case for sustainability, and discuss that driving sales and doing good is not a binary choice - it’s not a choice between purpose “or” performance, sustainability “or” sales.

If you have any questions, please contact us at feedback@canneslions.com.