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Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch will be relayed on the Palais' red-carpet steps on Tuesday 18 June.


Date: Tuesday 18 June
Location: Croisette and Palais on the Red Carpet Steps
Timeof Torch ceremony on Red Carpet Steps : 11:43am

Find out more about the Olympic Torch Relay RouteExternalLink


  • The Olympic Flame will be traveling on the south side of the Croisette
  • The security protocol footprint extends from Boulevard Jean Hibert (before the Canopy by Hilton) up to Mouré Rouge (after Palm Beach)
    • Protocol will be set up and await departure between Boulevard Jean Hibert and Cannes Town Hall
    • The Olympic Torch relay route will start at the Cannes Town Hall to finish at Mouré Rouge, traveling on the road South Croisette (beach side). The Palais Red Carpet steps is the first stop. - arriving there at approximately 11:45am


    • Parking will prohibited from midnight on Tuesday 18th morning
    • Traffic restrictions will operate from 10am
    • From 10am to 1pm: Croisette North will remain in part open for circulation, whilst Croisette South will be entirely closed off for the Olympic convoy - including access to the car parks Laubeuf, Pantiero and Palais.
    • Cars will not be able to access the palais/ Entrance Des Artiste from 10am to 1.00pm - The closest point for car drop offs during this time will be Rue des Serbes.
    • Both Croisette sidewalks will be open, there will be intermittent crossing points from Croisette North to South between 10.00am-1.00pm
    • Crossing of the street is prohibited during the passing of the Olympic Flame
    • Security Checkpoint 7 will be used for the torch relay and not accessible to delegates. All other checkpoints remain open