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Register for childcare at the Cannes Lions Festival

We’re partnering with Nipperbout to offer you complimentary childcare at the Festival, available every morning and afternoon.

Registration is now open – please make sure you book in advance. Sessions will also be available to book when you get to the Festival, depending on availability. The crèche is located onsite at the Festival, in the Rotonde. Not sure where you’re heading? You’ll find directions in the Cannes Lions 2024 app.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Crèche opening hours: 8am–7pm daily, from 13 to 21 June 2024.

  • Booking childcare: Spaces can be booked for up to four hours at a time.

  • Age requirements: 0–9 years.

  • Food and drink: We’ll be providing water and a snack during each session. Meals won’t be available, so we recommend picking up your child in time for lunch, either during or at the end of your session.

  • Staffing: For children under 2, there’ll be two carers looking after each child. For children aged 2–3, there'll be one carer looking after a group of three children. For children aged 3–9, there’ll be one carer looking after a group of five children. 

  • Pushchairs: Storage will be available next to the Nipperbout crèche area, so you can leave your pushchair there while your child is in daycare. 

All children will be issued a complimentary Festival badge. If you’ve got any questions about Nipperbout, please get in touch.

How to set up a Nipperbout account

Please note the system is not compatible with mobile phones, so you’ll need to use a desktop.

On your first visit:

Open your browser and go to Nibberbout’s login page. You can then do the following:

  1. Click Register

  2. In the form, enter your first name, surname and email address

  3. Enter the event code CLF130624

  4. Click Register

  5. Enter a password of your choice and confirm the password

  6. Click Continue

Once you’ve set up your account:

  1. Go to Nipperbout’s login page

  2. Click login and enter your email and chosen password

  3. You’ll find Cannes Lions is already listed under Events and Sessions

  4. As a returning parent, you’ll need to enter the event code for the childcare you need

  5. Then, enter your details and your child’s details and register the child for the event

  6. Click Submit

Forgot your password?

  1. Go to Nipperbout’s login page

  2. Click on Forgotten Password

  3. Enter your account’s email address

  4. Click Reset

  5. Enter the password reset code that will have arrived in your Inbox

  6. Click Reset

  7. Create a new password, confirm the password and click Continue

Set up a Nipperbout accountExternalLink

How to register for a crèche place

There are three steps to making a crèche booking.

Once you’re in Nipperbout’s online registration system:

1. Go to My Info

  • Answer all the questions, especially if the boxes are in red. Blanks may block your progress

2. Go to My Children

  • Click Add New Child or Edit Details of the selected child

  • Answer all the questions, especially if the boxes are in red. Questions about needs and medical info will tell Nipperbout if there are additional care requirements

  • Click Next to proceed, Back to make corrections and Continue when you’ve done the above

3. Go to Events and Sessions

  • Click Add New Event or Edit Sessions of the event you can select. For Cannes Lions, enter code CLF130624

To edit a session, do the following:

  • Enter responses in the 'Admission Criteria’ section, then click Continue

  • ‘Select' your child for the conference sessions – View session options

  • Click Done

  • Grant Consents and then click Done

  • Click on the Submit button

  • Return to MyInfo and click Log Out

  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration request

Got a question? Email Nipperbout at