Supporting the next generation of female creative directors

See It Be It is an initiative developed and funded by Cannes Lions working towards equal representation of female and male creative directors across the industry. The programme supports the next generation of female creative directors. It accelerates their careers and inspires and supports others on their journey. 
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Highlights from See It Be It 2018

At Cannes Lions 2019, See It Be It offers:

  • A curated executive learning programme
  • Exclusive mentoring sessions with industry leaders, both male and female
  • Close-knit international network of aspiring female creative directors
  • Access and exposure to the most influential leaders in the industry
  • Profile building opportunities and support as a See It Be It Advocate
  • A VIP experience including complimentary Festival Pass, accommodation and travel

Plus opportunities after the event

  • A global event series to cultivate local community and support network
  • Opportunity to learn from and share with the wider See It Be It community

The See It Be It Chair: Madonna Badger

Madonna Badger is the Founder and CCO at Badger & Winters, a 2016 Advertising Age Small Agency Award winner, specialising in creating emotional connections with women.

The See It Be It Ambassador: Swati Bhattacharya

Swati Bhattacharya is the Chief Creative Officer at FCBULKA and in her role as See It Be It Ambassador she has set this year's theme saying, “As women, we don’t often feel deserving of the place we occupy. Our voices don’t always cooperate. I want us to leave Cannes believing that not only must we invite ourselves, but also leave the door open for our sisters.”

Applications for this year's programme are now closed. The 2019 participants will be announced soon.