Data & Technology

A CMO Growth Council Priority

Exploring why CMOs must leverage data and tech to connect with customers across the entire experience, at scale.

The Mission:

To arm today’s new breed of data-driven CMOs with management expertise to leverage marketing technology, marketing strategy and data analysis to fuel a customer-centric business strategy that drives growth at full potential.


For CMOs

Provide strategic and foundational pathways to understand and leverage AdTech, MarTech and data.

For our industry

Define best-in-class criteria and how CMOs can assess themselves against that standard.

For companies

Create incremental growth for the business by optimising business decision-making.


  1. Launch a global ANA Marketing University for data and technology that includes a Global CMO Leader Group and Global MarTech Leader Community
  2. Create a continuous learning curriculum for real-world business challenges designed for CMOs and their teams
  3. Align the leadership initiative with the resources that will implement it from the ANA’s Data & Technology division
  4. Embrace universal privacy standards that are fully supported by regulatory authorities and consumers

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