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December edition


Monday 7 December / 15:00-16:00 GMT

CMO Accelerator: 15 CMOs discuss their biggest business challenge with Jim Stengel who will tackle them LIVE

Brought to you by LIONS and the Jim Stengel Company

Presented by Jim Stengel, President and CEO of The Jim Stengel Company and Steve Latham, Head of Talent & Training, LIONS

Launched by LIONS in 2013, the CMO Accelerator Programme is led by Jim Stengel, ex-Global Marketing Officer at P&G. Since then, 221 senior marketing leaders have gathered during our Festival in Cannes for two days of facilitated networking, thought leadership and mentoring from an industry legend who led P&G to the Cannes Lions Brand Marketer of the Year in 2008.

In this highly interactive session, 15 CMOs will share their biggest business challenges and Jim will provide insights on how he would tackle them and ask the audience to contribute with their thoughts and opinions.

Join Jim, Steve and 15 global CMOs for a lively debate & Q&A.

Tuesday 8 December / 15:00-16:00 GMT

How CMOs Can Create Long-Term Value -- Not Just More Change -- in the Midst of Intense Upheaval

Brought to you by MediaLink

Presented by Andrea Redniss, MediaLink Executive Vice President

Lots of things were meant to be left behind in 2020, and that includes the idea of traditional agency reviews. Instead, modern brands are better served to focus their efforts on transforming their organizations and partnerships and reframing ideas around what it means to create value – and an increasing number of them are recognizing this. The events of the past year in particular have completely upended what consumers want and need from brands in the first place thanks to massive behavior shifts -- making a complete brand value proposition overhaul nothing short of table stakes for any marketer hoping to drive growth. But brands need to go even farther than that, argues MediaLink Executive Vice President Andrea Redniss.

In this session, she will outline how brands should think about reevaluating their resources, capabilities, processes, partners and structures in reaction to a consumer landscape that looks entirely different from nine months ago. She will also help brands debunk misconceptions about building effective, value-driven agency partnerships in 2021.

Join Andrea for this lively debate & Q&A.

Wednesday 9 December / 15:00-16:00 GM

Revolutionise Marketing as B4H, ‘Brands for Humans’

Brought to you by LIONS and ANA / CMO Growth Council

Presented by Nick Primola, EVP, Industry Leadership and CMO Practice, ANA, and

Fiorenza Plinio, Global Head of Creative Excellence, LIONS

With ‘Driving Growth’ at its core, the Global CMO Growth Council, a shared LIONS and ANA initiative, brought the largest ever gathering of CMOs together last October to take collective action on accelerating economic growth in advancing societal good. Over 300 CMO delegates, representing thousands of the world’s top brands and combining over half of all the global advertising and media spending, agreed to move forward with a common agenda. The same group will come together again at Cannes Lions next June to share progress, insights, best practices.

In this session, Nick Primola, EVP, Industry Leadership and CMO Practice, ANA and Fiorenza Plinio, Global Head of Creative Excellence, LIONS, wil be joined by a special guest to discuss for the first time with the wider community of brand marketers one of the main mandates of the Global CMO Growth Council for 2021 and beyond, which is to formally shift how the role of marketing is defined: from B2B or B2C to BH4, ‘Brands for Humans’.

Join Nick, Fiorenza and a special guest for this lively debate & Q&A.

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