Craft at Cannes Lions is the only place in the world to experience five days of talks from the people responsible for bringing creative ideas to life. This is for the art and artists in marketing communications.

Where creative ideas come to life

Join thousands of copywriters, art directors and creative directors of all stripes to explore what happens when traditional techniques are blended with cutting-edge tech. Make no mistake: the definition of craft is constantly evolving, and this is where you find out how.

First Craft Talks confirmed

The full schedule of Cannes Lions talks and events will be released in April but before then, check out the first sessions confirmed for the Craft Track.


"Dirty John" was one of the most talked about stories of 2017. The podcast was downloaded over 20 million times, spent 31 days as #1 on Apple Podcasts and was called "an obsession", "expertly done" and "Best of 2017" by Entertainment Weekly, New Yorker and The Guardian.

A collaboration between the Los Angeles Times and podcast network Wondery, Dirty John managed to 'hit the zeitgeist' in the US and abroad through print, online and audio. How did the story get reported, developed, produced and marketed?

Join L.A. Times reporter Christopher Goffard and Wondery founder Hernan Lopez as they walk us step by step through the making of one of the buzziest stories of 2017.

Christopher Goffard, Reporter, Los Angeles Times
Hernan Lopez, Founder & CEO, Wondery

All marketeers and creatives know how their brand looks like, but not many could answer how it sounds like. This workshop will guide you through the process of defining a brand's sonic identity.

Using Cannes Lions as an example, you’ll learn the tools and methods to develop a music DNA for a brand. The outputs will be briefed to a remote team of music researchers in real time who will work on your sound, while you learn the best-practices to creating music implementation guidelines. Leave this workshop with all the tools, tricks, methods and best practices to creating a a sonic brand identity.

Christian Mix-Linzer, CEO, Tracks & Fields
Steve Bartlik, Managing Director, Tracks & Fields

A constructive study of the short form marketing message born to combat super ephemeral social media. Mountains of information consumed on the hoof = dwindling attention spans = marketing messages reduced to mere seconds to grab millennial’s interest = Scroll on.

Rapper Eminem sings 13words in 2seconds. 13 words is the average length of a haiku. Is short form storytelling here to stay? Can we adapt our creativity to telling emotional stories in tiny time frames? Review and scrutinise the best examples currently on offer during this live storytelling creative workshop.

This workshop will explore the brief format and try to build thumb-stopping authentic messaging fit for social media, the pickiest audience out there.

Jonty Toosey, Director, Great Guns 
Elizabeth Valleau, Global Brand Creative Strategist, Facebook
Richard Gorodecky, Freelance Writer / Creative Director, 72andSunny Amsterdam

The celebration of creativity is at the heart of the festival and the Lion of St. Mark recognises individuals who have made significant and outstanding contributions to creativity across our industry.

This year we have two worthy repicipients: Piyush and Prasoon Pandey.

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and Creative Director Ogilvy South Asia, won his first Cannes Lions awards with two Gold Lions in 2002, marking the start of a period of global recognition for a man who was already a creative legend in his native India. Prasoon Pandey, younger brother of Piyush, is a highly respected director whose name has repeatedly featured in global rankings of top film directors. Prasoon is credited for directing the first Indian campaign to win a Lion, for Ericsson’s ‘One Black Coffee’ in 1996.

Prasoon Pandey, Founder, Corcoise Films
Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, Ogilvy South Asia

Advertising veteran Trevor Robinson OBE comes to Cannes Lions to talk about the value of craft to creativity.

In 1995 Trevor set up Quiet Storm, the first agency to write, direct and produce its own work.

He returns to Cannes to dissect the techniques used in his favourite Lion-winning work to demonstrate why craft is so important and provide notes on how to do it. He will discuss how successful creatives have made the transition to become successful directors and explore what it means to truly have a 'director's eye'.

Trevor Robinson OBE, Founder, Executive Creative Director, Quiet Storm

Featuring experts from around the world

Andrew Robertson

President, CEO

Christian Mix-Linzer

Tracks & Fields

Christopher Goffard

Los Angeles Times

David Droga

Creative Chairman

Hernan Lopez

Founder, CEO

Jonty Toosey

Great Guns

Piyush Pandey

Executive Chairman, Creative Director
Ogilvy South Asia

Prasoon Pandey

Corcoise Films

Trevor Robinson OBE

Founder, Executive Creative Director
Quiet Storm

Umma Saini

Creative Director
BBDO Singapore


Want to learn what the big industry issues in the world of Craft are? Or what The big creative trends in the Craft Lions look like? Discover this and more in our new report "The Inside Track: Craft".

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What you'll learn on the Craft Track

From voice to visual 

What are the new techniques in traditional channels, and can digital draw inspiration from traditional craft?

Who are the new creatives? 

What is the role and responsibility of the creative makers in a changing industry?

Democratisation of craft

What is the role of professional versus user generated craft? Are standards slipping? Is fast and good enough, enough?

Aesthetic trends and where they come from

What creative trends can you harness to bring that great idea to life? Where do creative legends find their own inspiration?

"Cannes Lions has always been the benchmark by which great work is measured and has been the centre of my professional life.”

Joe Pytka

Director, PYTKA

"I've always believed in the power of creativity to change the world."

Brian Eno


"Images compress space and time to create a new reality that informs our beliefs and changes our behaviour."

Ori Gersht


Bringing the whole industry together

This Track is for anyone who knows that the best ideas always live or die in the execution. If you’re interested in what good work looks and sounds like, this is where the action is.

Highlights from 2017

Emily Moore from HEAT

How far would you go to make a film happen? Emily Moore reveals just how much she sacrificed to get her project off the ground.

Ned Crowley from mcgarrybowen

People spend a lifetime perfecting the craft of copywriting but mcgarrybowen's chief creative officer can tell you everything you need to know in just 30 seconds.

Director Joe Pytka 

Joe Pytka's work directing some of the world's most loved ads helped earn him the Lion of St Mark award. But on stage at Cannes Lions 2017 he explained why he thought an iconic Hollywood star was underrated when it came to his own personal creativity.

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