Experience at Cannes Lions is the only place in the world to enjoy five days of talks that zoom in on the entire customer journey and why this is now more important than any single brand experience. It's five days of talks focusing on the powerful brand currency of intelligent customer journeys and immersive experiences.

Captivating audiences at every touch point

Join thousands of world-class speakers and industry experts as they explain why everyone loves a "wow" moment and explore how we can deliver beyond that. This is the Track for customer experience fanatics and those interested in multi-channel insight, design and transformation.

First Experience Talks confirmed

The full schedule of Cannes Lions talks and events will be released in April but before then, check out the first sessions confirmed for the Experience Track.

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The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics 2017 report found that 98% of people entered in the study were more inclined to invest after receiving an experience. We will explore the power of experience and the new ways in which audiences are being inspired.

In a digital age, the role of immersive experience is receiving a resurgence, as audiences grow increasingly fatigued by the ‘cognitive clutter’ encountered in their digital lives.

Now, trends turn to a mix of real world and digital experience to create impact with longevity. As we enter a perfect storm of platforms and mediums at brand and agency fingertips, we will explore the importance of getting the balance right.

Nathan Crowley, Production Designer
Jeff Tremaine, Director
Margot Bowman, Multi Platform Multimedia Artist and Creative Consultant
Phoebe Smith, Managing Director, HELO

What’s coming next in branded consumer experience? This session will be introduced by the International Advertising Association - whose mission is to serve as a global compass for the marcom industry.

Join them to find out what trends and developments are likely to shape this space in the next 12-18 months. This is all about understanding tomorrow – today.

Tim Kobe of Eight Inc. will draw on his unparalleled experience and insights working with the likes of Apple and Nike. They'll also explore how AI, in particular, will continue to revolutionise the consumer experience.

Tim Kobe, Founder, CEO, Eight Inc.
Felix Taturu, Chairman, World President, International Advertising Association

Under Angela Ahrendts' leadership, Apple retail has re-invented itself with a commitment to human connection, inspiring learning, and unlocking creativity.

Hear Angela interviewed by Tor Myhren, Apple's Vice President of Marketing Communication, about her leadership and the journey Apple Retail is on to enrich lives.

Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President, Retail, Apple
Tor Myhren, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Apple

Ingvar Kamprad believed you create a better world by enabling “the many people” to enjoy a better life at home. He took a radical approach to the design, retail and manufacturing of furniture.

75 years, 35 countries and 400 stores later, half the human race now shops at IKEA. Where do you grow from there? Simple, you create a second revolution, this time focused squarely on the lives (not the furniture) IKEA aims to improve.

IKEA will reveal new creative work inspired by a series of data experiments which surface how home furnishings can actually improve the lives of the many people and create the better world Ingvar originally envisaged.

Claudia Willvonseder, Chief Marketing Officer, IKEA Group
Paul McGowan, Partner, Kantar Consulting, WPP

The scale of the digital market in China is unparalleled. Driven by innovation, intensity and initiative, Tencent has become an internet powerhouse of over one billion users.

The very meaning of connectivity has been redefined by the desires of the Chinese people to be interconnected in every way. Brands, media and services must all change their ways of thinking and adapt to the age of digital customer experience.

Tencent's all-encompassing array of applications has become the prototypical connector, giving China a convergence of internet technology, culture and services. WeChat, with one billion users, has become integral to the Chinese lifestyle. SY Lau, Tencent Senior Executive VP, will discuss the uniqueness of China's digital experience and the strategic implications thereof.

Seng Yee Lau, Senior Executive Vice President, Chairman of Tencent Advertising, Chairman of Group Marketing and Global Branding

Featuring experts from around the world

Angela Ahrendts

Senior Vice President of Retail

Claudia Willvonseder

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul McGowan

Kantar Consulting

Tor Myhren

Vice President Marketing Communications


Want to learn what the big industry issues in the world of Experience are? Or what The big creative trends in the Experience Lions look like? Discover this and more in our new report "The Inside Track: Experience".

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What you'll learn on the Experience Track 

Captivating connections

The secrets behind emotional and connected consumer experiences.

Transformative experiences

How do you convert the one-time “oh wow!” moment into brand affinity by using creativity to create brand fanatics.

Measurement methods

Understanding the impact and potential of experiences.

Blurring boundaries

Who are the pioneers of the new customer journey philosophy and how are they reaping the benefits?

"We go to Cannes Lions to be surprised. We go there to come back with an insane amount of jealousy for what our friends at other places have done, because that’s what drives us."

Ari Weiss

North American CCO, DDB

"We create experiences that put people first and put stories and systems together. When we tell stories, we are telling what the client wants to say, while systems is what people want to do."

Nick Law

Vice Chairman, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA

"Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Encourage yourself to challenge the status quo and ask questions, ask why things can’t be done differently."

Alexander Wang

Fashion designer

Bringing the whole industry together

This is the place for customer experience fanatics and those interested in multi-channel insight, design and transformation.

Highlights from 2017

Scott Galloway from NYU

NYU Stern School of Business professor Scott Galloway shared why Amazon has done so well in the retail space and how it connects with consumers because of the experience it provides.

Barry Wacksman from R/GA

Barry Wacksman, EVP, Global Chief Strategy Officer at R/GA, shared the agency's new model and how it's changed in recent years to better support clients.

Ray Kurzweil

On stage, Ray Kurzweil explained what's going to happen with VR and AR by 2030 and how it's going to change the way people experience the world.

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Cannes, France