Good at Cannes Lions is the only place in the world to experience five days of talks about purpose, change and responsibility. This is all about how creativity and brands can make the world a better place. Because we know when brands use creativity to tackle the world’s problems, everybody wins.

Creativity and brands can make the world a better place

Join thousands of politicans, NGOs, humanitarians, marketers and award-winning creatives to hear from the brands, talent and industry leaders who shift culture, create change and positively impact society.

First Good Talks confirmed

The full schedule of Cannes Lions talks and events will be released in April but before then, check out the first sessions confirmed for the Good Track.

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Patagonia is an experiment in doing unusual business. It is an outdoor apparel company driven by an unflinching belief that radical business ideas can both inspire and implement solutions to the deepening environmental crisis.

With ground-breaking, unconventional campaigns, including giving away 100% of Black Friday sales to environmental causes, repairing people’s clothes for free and buying an ad in the New York Times telling people: “Don’t Buy This Jacket”, it is vital that the marketing team works hand-in-glove with the wider business, building ideas in real time and taking risks.

Alex Weller, European Marketing Director, shines a light on the disruptive model behind Patagonia’s communications strategy and the ways in which the brand engages with its international community of advocates.

Alex Weller, Marketing Director, Europe, Patagonia

The Syrian refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian crisis of our generation. Now in its seventh year it has caused untold devastation and chaos to the lives of more than five million people.

This talk will examine the partnership between R/GA, UNCHR and Google, who together created 'Searching for Syria' in response to the crisis – a fresh, interactive approach that lets people quickly and easily explore the five top search queries people around the world are asking.

They'll explore how the ambition was to help people go beyond simply reading about the crisis into a deeper understanding whereby they would be more apt to take action by donating, joining or sharing.

James Temple, EVP, Chief Creative Officer, EMEA, R/GA
Andre Le Masurier, Group Creative Director, Google Brand Studio

As we shape the next 'Information Age', never before have we been in more need of putting ourselves in other’s shoes. But we are far from a world of equality; subconscious bias is a major barrier.

The assumptions and frames of reference that we all share are the root of the issue and there are many institutions - from the media to the family - that reinforce these stereotypes. Attendees will be put to the test to learn just how bias we all are, explore important influences on bias, and learn how the power of VR can be used to overcome bias by developing empathy and creating meaningful connections.

Luciana Carvalho Se, Head of Partnerships, REWIND
Greg Furber, VR Director, REWIND

Democracies based on the current electoral systems around the world seem to have reached a tipping point last year. Tensions, polarisation, failures of democratic representativity and accountability seem to be tightly entangled with the rise of a new digital era where real-time information empowers as much as enslaves us.

Fjord Madrid's goal during this workshop is to take a service design approach to map the gaps that lie behind the current voting systems, and design potential solutions to generate a healthier and more converging decision-making process for common good.

During this workshop, participants will:
Co-create a new decision-making process for common good
Reflect on their learning and share feedback

Héctor Ibarra, Group Director Madrid, Fjord Madrid
Cristina Prada Gomez, Senior Interactive Designer, Fjord Madrid

Women's roles in society are rapidly evolving, and for the first time in history, women are beginning to define what femininity means (or doesn't mean) to the creation of their identities.

In a conversation hosted by COVERGIRL and creative agency Droga5, we’ll discuss ways creators can challenge conventional assumptions about the expression of femininity and push the boundaries of creativity by giving women the power to define it.

Ukonwa Ojo, Senior Vice President, CoverGirl
Katy Alonzo, Group Strategy Director, Droga5
Issa Rae, Cover Girl Ambassador, Writer, Actress
Michelle Lee, Editor in Chief, Allure

Featuring experts from around the world

Alex Weller

Marketing Director, Europe

Antonio Lucio

Global Chief Marketing & Communication Officer
HP Inc

Issa Rae

CoverGirl Ambassador, Writer, Actress

Katy Alonzo

Group Strategy Director

Ukonwa Ojo

Senior Vice President

Tiffany R. Warren

Senior VP, Chief Diversity Officer
Omnicom Group

What you'll learn on the Good Track

The economics of brand purpose

Hear from brands who have learned that good work can also mean good business.

The creative industry as a force for good

What are the responsibilities we face as communicators and storytellers?

The socially conscious consumer

Consumers expect more from their brands. How can we work together to meet this challenge?

When brands stand for something

Should brands sit on the fence, or can they become activists? What is the commercial impact of activism?

"You have tremendous power to shape opinions. You are master storytellers. And I want you to help us create the biggest campaign ever for humanity."

Ban Ki-moon

Eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations 

"Unilever’s Sustainable Living brands grew 50% faster than the rest of our portfolio and delivered 60% of our growth."

Keith Weed

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever

"Purpose is not just a solution but as a necessary evolution of one of mankind’s greatest inventions."

Sam Conniff Allende

Co-Founder, Chief Purpose Officer, Livity

Bringing the whole industry together

If you want to make the world, the industry, or even just your hometown a better place, this is where we prove the value of purpose.

Highlights from 2017

Maggie Semple OBE

Business woman and entrepreneur Maggie Semple told the Cannes Lions 2017 audience why making more representative and inclusive work would benefit everyone.

The Rev Jesse Jackson

Rev Jesse Jackson talked about how he got involved in civil rights and what parallels he can draw with brands.

Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook

At Cannes Lions 2017 Sheryl Sandberg cited a study that proves that doing the right thing when it comes to gender depictions is good for business.

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