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Lions Health is a dedicated two-day event within Cannes Lions. It is the only place in the world to experience talks from leading pharma, healthcare, wellness, biotech and medical marketing practitioners. It is built to deliver the insights, ideas, tools and techniques that lead to life-changing outcomes.

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Lions Health attracts everyone from world-leading pharma and biotech companies to the CMOs and brand leaders at cutting-edge diagnostics firms and healthcare manufacturers. It's where you'll meet award-winning creatives from healthcare marketing agencies, the founders of the new disruptive players and the investors facilitating change.

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The full schedule of Cannes Lions talks and events is out now, so check out the sessions confirmed for the Health Track.

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When it comes to brand image, perception is reality. So what’s the best course of action when threats to a brand’s reputation are based on misinformation? How can trust be regained when fear and skepticism dominate the conversation, and science is no longer seen as objective?

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. CMO Alison Lewis leads a deep dive into the company’s reinvention of a baby care icon, and how reaching a more nuanced understanding of parents’ concerns and desires is enabling the brand to elevate the baby category to an entirely new level - and regain the confidence of moms and dads around the world.

Alison Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, Johnson & Johnson Consumer

“Our entire approach to developing this campaign changed when we realised that many of our respondents might not live to see it.”

This talk will discuss our shared efforts to transform Lilly Oncology brand DTC initiatives - showcasing the breakthrough creative campaigns for Lartruvo and Cyramza that were the result.

It will explore the tension between a creative desire to push boundaries and a responsibility to target audience. Area23 learned that it wasn’t about what it had to say to them, but rather the responsibility of what it needed to say for them – empowering the voices of those who need it most… and doing it in a way that set a new creative standard in oncology marketing.

Tyler Dickson, Group Strategic Planning Director, SVP, Area 23, An FCB Health Company
Amy Meadows, Senior Advisor, Consumer Marketing, Eli Lilly and Company

Life-changing creativity needs marketing resources to join forces and for this, client and agency teams need to work together, starting with creating communication messages that can change lives while selling the brand. Starting with segmentation/ targeting is almost anti-consumer.

Asking the wrong questions like “How is my brand differentiated?” could push you towards the product rather than the consumer. Taking a client brief and reverting with ideas can at most result in brand-changing creativity.

Clients and Team Medulla will share successful campaigns. Clients they've often fought with while working together. They'll fight on stage, they'll hug on stage and they’ll do whatever it takes to prove that developing life-changing communication may be a struggle… but not an impossible one.

Amit Akali, Chief Creative Officer, Medulla/WYP
Heather Bresch, CEO, Mylan
Shailaja Korukonda, Senior Director, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Praful Akali, Managing Director, Medulla

For six months, a film crew captured the lives of nine people living with cancer — including Lindsay, an oncology nurse diagnosed with the disease she helps treats, and Fred, the three-time survivor and comedian who brings laughter to those around him.

These people became the storytelling centerpieces of Pfizer’s This Is Living With Cancer™ campaign (the “Campaign”).

Watch the campaign documentary and see how it captures five of these patients and their families living their new normal - and inspiring others.

Hear how Pfizer’s patients-first focus has been the guiding principle for building a tumor-agnostic program. And experience what happens when a company truly gets to know the patients and the families they serve.

Savitri Basavaiah, Oncology Portfolio Marketing Lead, Pfizer
Matthew Shaulis, Regional President, Oncology North America, Pfizer
Dina Peck, Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director, Patients & Purpose

Too hot for Facebook? Too spicy for some sensitive souls? Let’s look into the recipe for stories that make consumers stop, watch and engage, even when it comes to low-interest products such as nose sprays or with highly emotional topics such as pregnancy vitamins.

A big portion of universal truth thoughtfully blended with the brand essence and a good piece of scientific depth, let it sit, refine it with a charming coating and a pinch of daringness or humourful self-depreciation as the cherry on the cake.

Authentic, real, polarising, humorous - just as life itself. Why should healthcare communication be any different?

Atilla Cansun, Chief Marketing Officer, Merck Consumer Health

Featuring experts from around the world

Alison Lewis

Johnson & Jonhson Consumer Companies

Heather Bresch

Heather Bresch


Professor Augustinus Bader

Professor Augustinus Bader

Director of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cell Technology, University of Leipzig, Bader Foundation

Margaret Coughlin

Margaret Coughlin

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Mount Sinai Health System

Dr. Garth Graham

Dr. Garth Graham

President, Aetna Foundation and Vice President of Community Health for Aetna, Inc.

Atilla Cansun

Atilla Cansun

Chief Marketing Officer
Merck Consumer Health

Terrie Livingston

Terrie Livingston

Senior Director, US Medical, Head of Real-world Outcomes, Innovative Partnerships & Insights, Biogen

Andres Ordonez

Andres Ordonez

Chief Creative Officer
Energy BBDO

What you'll learn at Lions Health

Unpick the practical tools and techniques that really influence behaviour change in people and patients

See why healthcare companies are embracing the art of storytelling

Get proof that impressive craft and creativity can better serve healthcare needs in a regulated environment

Meet the best healthcare companies producing effective work by being daring and brave

"If we want to learn how to play in a new space with a new commercial model, we need to learn from people playing in the space."

John McCarthy

President, Founder, Parallel Thinking

"We used to have to look outside our industry to be inspired. Now we're doing such interesting things we can start looking inside to be inspired."

Rachel McCready

Creative Strategist, KlickHealth

"It’s great to be able to come here and be challenged by different ideas and different perspectives, and learn where the trends are heading."

Robert Zirkelbach

Executive VP of Public Affairs, PhRMA

A meeting place for the whole industry

At the event, hundreds of world-leading experts will share new ways of thinking and explore exceptional ideas to help you put creativity to work in your company. Whether you’re a maker, marketer, media owner or anything in between, Lions Health is designed to help you uncover the latest thinking, best practice examples and actionable insights that will cut through and help you take your business to the next creative level.

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Get a sense of what happens at Lions Health with a collection of interviews with our past speakers as they share the insights and lessons they delivered on stage.

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18 - 22 June

Cannes, France