HEALTH | 18 - 19 JUNE

Lions Health is a dedicated two-day event within Cannes Lions. It is the only place in the world to experience talks from leading pharma, healthcare, wellness, biotech and medical marketing practitioners. It is built to deliver the insights, ideas, tools and techniques that lead to life-changing outcomes.

Unlock life-changing creativity

Lions Health attracts everyone from world-leading pharma and biotech companies to the CMOs and brand leaders at cutting-edge diagnostics firms and healthcare manufacturers. It's where you'll meet award-winning creatives from healthcare marketing agencies, the founders of the new disruptive players and the investors facilitating change.

What you'll learn at Lions Health

Unpick the practical tools and techniques that really influence behaviour change in people and patients

See why healthcare companies are embracing the art of storytelling

Get proof that impressive craft and creativity can better serve healthcare needs in a regulated environment

Meet the best healthcare companies producing effective work by being daring and brave

Meet the first Health speakers

Alison Lewis

Johnson & Jonhson Consumer Companies

Amy Meadows

Senior Advisor, Consumer Marketing
Eli Lilly and Company

Tyler Dickson

Group Strategic Planning Director, SVP, FCB Health Network
Area 23

"If we want to learn how to play in a new space with a new commercial model, we need to learn from people playing in the space."

John McCarthy

President, Founder, Parallel Thinking

"We used to have to look outside our industry to be inspired. Now we're doing such interesting things we can start looking inside to be inspired."

Rachel McCready

Creative Strategist, KlickHealth

"It’s great to be able to come here and be challenged by different ideas and different perspectives, and learn where the trends are heading."

Robert Zirkelbach

Executive VP of Public Affairs, PhRMA

A meeting place for the whole industry

At the event, hundreds of world-leading experts will share new ways of thinking and explore exceptional ideas to help you put creativity to work in your company. Whether you’re a maker, marketer, media owner or anything in between, Lions Health is designed to help you uncover the latest thinking, best practice examples and actionable insights that will cut through and help you take your business to the next creative level.

Highlights from Lions Health

Get a sense of what happens at Lions Health with a collection of interviews with our past speakers as they share the insights and lessons they delivered on stage.

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What you'll get from Lions Health

Don't miss provocative ideas and left-field thinking to stimulate new creativity in healthcare.

New research, latest practices, “how to” learning and modern innovations.

"Behind the Work" studies that deliver the full backstory of how the best and most original work is born and bred.

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18 - 22 June

Cannes, France