Impact at Cannes Lions is the only place in the world to experience five days of talks from leading marketers, brand managers and CMOs at the biggest and most profitable brands on the planet. This is where creativity delivers results. Let’s talk performance, effectiveness and ROI.

How to drive growth & brand equity

Nearly 5,000 companies come to Cannes Lions each year to hear some of the world's leading marketers share tips on commercial creativity and the challenges, techniques used to measure, value and impact effectiveness in branded communications. Impact is for anyone who wants to drive growth and brand equity, increase market share, shift products and learn how creativity can supercharge your brand. Creativity delivers impact, with results so tangible you could hang your hat on them.

First Impact Talks confirmed

The full schedule of Cannes Lions talks and events will be released in April but before then, check out the first sessions confirmed for the Impact Track.

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The worlds of Adland and non-profits are slowly colliding. Are the fundamentals of measuring advertising effectiveness outdated or narrow-minded?

In this panel, you will hear from an IPA four-time Grand Prix winner and "Effective Explained" Author, Louise Cook; VCCP Vice Chairman and Lucky Voice Karaoke Founder, Julian Douglas; and Scarlett Montanaro, CRACK + CIDER Co-Founder and Creative at 18 Feet & Rising - the first UK agency to be awarded B Corp status.

They'll debate, explore, and argue: should we look beyond the economic impact of our work to also measure net social and environment impact? If we do, what are the consequences to our industry? If we don't, what are the risks to our world?

Scarlett Montanaro, Creative, 18 Feet and Rising, CRACK + CIDER
Charlotte Cramer, Senior Strategist, Co-Founder, Author, VCCP
Louise Cook, Managing Director, Holmes & Cook
Julian Douglas, Vice Chairman, VCCP

In 2017, Marc Pritchard gave a transformational wake-up call to the industry. With digital media a $200 billion business today, it was time to get greater transparency on viewability, third-party measurement, bot fraud and safety. It was time to solve these problems and focus on better creativity, quality media content and advertising as a force for good and growth.

But the next powerful transformation - mass one-to-one marketing - is upon us and will rapidly accelerate.

How do we leap to this transformation? What remains to be done on media transparency? What do we need to challenge and change as clients, agencies and partners to keep raising the bar on creativity and be a force for good and growth?

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G

There are two types of mindsets cultivated from a very young age: one that assumes intelligence and creative abilities are innate and fixed, and one that views any challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

As the traditional CMO role evolves into that of a Chief Growth Officer, having a fixed mindset as opposed to a growth mindset is a career (and business) killer. Is it too late for us grown-ups to shift our mindsets? Hosted by 360i, an agency with a track record of uncovering growth opportunities for clients, and joined by Mondelez CMO Jason Levine, this session will explore the ways in which you can cultivate a growth mindset - before it's too late.

Sarah Hofstetter, CEO, 360i
Jason Levine, CMO, Mondelēz International

Creativity is having a midlife crisis. An obsession with data and technology has led to a reduced focus on creativity. This is a significant issue, as creativity is the only way to deliver non-incremental change.

It’s time to put creativity on the couch and re-focus on innovation.

Who better to explore the fundamentals of creativity than Oliver James - psychologist, bestselling author and faculty member of The School of Life.

James has a view on how to spot true creativity in people. And, beyond the well-trodden clichés, how to unleash it.

Using Bowie as an example, James explains that we can all unlock a creative side in us by understanding the different selves within our own personalities.

Oliver James, Author, Psychologist, The School of Life
Mike Cooper, Worldwide CEO, PHD Worldwide

On the heels of the "Economics of Creativity" study in 2017, Cannes Lions and McKinsey continue their quest to define the specific business practices and capabilities that drive the value of creativity.

McKinsey will unveil the findings of their latest study focusing on how the best performing marketing organizations make creativity thrive in the data driven, Agile, post mobile era. Learn about the new data and AI foundation that defines a modern consumer insights capability, new ways of working, and evolving relationships with the marketing ecosystem.

Cut through the hype what separates the winners from the rest of the pack and the evolving definition and role of creativity in creating real business value.

Jason Heller, Partner, Global Lead Digital Marketing, McKinsey & Company

When we feel happier, more connected, and more fulfilled at work, the impact on creativity skyrockets. But the reality is that most of us are overwhelmed, burnt out and floundering instead of flourishing.

In this workshop, Happiness Consultant Samantha will help you gain practical non-fluffy techniques to improve your creativity, happiness and mindset through play, experimentation and discussion.

Samantha Clarke, Happiness Coach, Samantha&
Lucy Werner, Consultant, The Wern

Stephanie McMahon, Bozoma Saint John and Lilly Singh. Three women who have built global empires all share a common theme: risk taking.

These women will discuss how they’ve built, and in many cases rebuilt, their respective brands, the challenges they’ve had to overcome, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way, which has led them to blaze new trails in predominately male-dominated industries.

Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, WWE
Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer, Uber
Lilly Singh, YouTube Content Creator, Entrepreneur, Actress, Author, Comedian

Featuring experts from around the world

Charlotte Cramer

Senior Strategist

Oliver James

The School of Life

Jason Heller

Partner, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology
McKinsey & Company

Jason Levine


Marc S. Pritchard

Chief Brand Officer
Procter & Gamble

Mike Cooper


Sarah Hofstetter


What you'll learn on the Impact Track

Measuring the value of creativity 

Creativity works, but how can we prove it pays its way?

Defining impact

What does impact mean today, how has its definition changed over time and what will it mean for brands tomorrow.

Brands in culture and society

Leading experts and pioneering brands on building that all-important narrative to finding a role for brands in culture.

Ideas that sell and structures that work

Take inspiration from case studies which prove the commercial value of a great idea and stories of personal impact that show how to build successful teams and businesses.

"Cannes Lions has inspired and guided the industry conversation around creativity through many evolutions and eras."

Alicia Hatch

CMO, Deloitte Digital

"Perhaps Cannes Lions' biggest benefit is the chance to learn, stay fresh and admire how many amazing people there are in our industry."

Syl Saller

CMO, Diageo,

"The worst thing that can happen for any brand in any market, is to not be noticed. For us to win, we need to value creativity, push boundaries and make it happen."

Fernando Machado

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King

Bringing the whole industry together

Calling all marketers, brand managers, CMOs! Here is the track built especially for brand folk of every stripe.

Highlights from 2017

Jason Heller from McKinsey

Jason Heller outlined the four key lessons from new research into the business impact of creativity.

Pio Schunker from Samsung

The SVP, Global Head Integrated Marketing, Mobile Communications Business, at Samsung Electronics talked about how it was important to respect the brand DNA when he tried to drive a radical shift from a feature-centred brand to a human, lifestyle-centred brand.

Fernando Machado from Burger King

The 2017 Cannes Lions Creative Marketer of the Year, Burger King, explained on stage how they work hard to not "suck" as a client.

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18 - 22 June

Cannes, France