Reach at Cannes Lions is the only place in the world to experience five days of talks from the sector's biggest names and learn more about the ways we identify, consider and reach audiences. Global experts will share groundbreaking insights and bold new ideas about how to succeed, at scale, in the ongoing war for attention.

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The Reach Track is essential for anyone interested in establishing and growing audiences. Whether you’re working across paid, owned or earned media, Reach is where you uncover the research, strategy and planning that lets brands effectively engage consumers on the journey from insight to eyeballs.

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The full schedule of Cannes Lions talks and events is out now, so check out the sessions confirmed for the Reach Track.

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Who will your consumer be in 2020? What will drive their behavior? And their spend? From technological advancements to demographic shifts, WGSN will uncover the key drivers of tomorrow's consumers and reveal three key new consumer tribes you need to have your eye on. Discover who they are, what motivates them, and - most importantly - what they mean for you and your business.

Andrea Bell, Director of Insight and Executive Editor, Americas, WGSN

Sound is a powerful tool, but it's not as though you can actually see it influencing the brain or emotions, right? Well, with the right equipment, you can.

Global, The Media & Entertainment Group, and world leading Neuroscientist Professor Sophie Scott scan award-winning film composer David Arnold, live on stage to measure the psychological and physiological effects of sound and music on his body and brain.

How does the body react to music entering the brain? Does it react differently to music you like or dislike? And can sound really make your brain tell you to breathe differently? What about what the effect of sounds in advertising? Can a musical logo really stimulate excitement chemicals in the brain?

Let's see.

Ollie Dean, Director of Global Digital and DAX, Global, The Media & Entertainment Group
Sophie Scott, Professor, University College London
David Arnold, Composer

In the wake of hundreds of harassment scandals and the #metoo and #timesup movements, it’s clear that the rules of masculinity are being rethought, re-imagined and revolutionized. Futurist Faith Popcorn, CEO of a strategic consultancy, will be joined by an outspoken panel of experts - Men’s Studies professor Michael Kimmel, Ph.D., drag queen Violet Chachki, and Amy Nelson, founder of a female co-working space.

They will debate the emerging vision of masculinity, how our current gender wars will be resolved, and the role men will play in tomorrow’s culture. They will also reveal how the death of old-school masculinity will transform creativity and how brands message consumers, especially as the rise of gender fluidity also sweeps through society.

Michael Kimmel, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities
Amy Nelson, Founder, The Riveter
Faith Popcorn, Founder, CEO, Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve
Violet Chachki, Drag Queen, Burlesque Dancer, Model, TV Personality

Michael Wolff drew on unprecedented access to the most polarising presidency of our time to write Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Wolff will sit down with advertising legend Jeff Goodby to discuss what has changed since the book’s release, what Wolff sees in the future of the Trump presidency, and the evolving role of journalism in the age of social media.

Jeff Goodby, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Michael Wolff, Author of Fire & Fury

The global youth tsunami has arrived. WGSN talks to Gen Z'ers to find out - from the source - how their priorities will transform the workplace, entertainment and even how we eat - from Asia to Alibaba. It's time to sink or swim.

Sarah Owen, Senior Editor, Digital Media & Marketing, WGSN

Featuring experts from around the world

Amy Nelson

The Riveter

Andrea Bell

Director of Insight and Executive Editor, Americas

Carla Buzasi

Managing Director

Faith Popcorn

Founder, CEO
Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve

Michael Kimmel

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies,
Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

Sarah Owen

Senior Editor, Digital Media & Marketing

Susan Wojcicki


Violet Chachki

Drag Queen, Burlesque Dancer, Model, TV Personality

What you'll learn on the Reach Track

Personalisation and targeting

Discover the secrets of speaking to individuals at scale.

Turning reach into engagement

Master the science of opens, clicks, comments, likes and shares for more effective communications.

Decoding data for measurement and insight

Hear from expert data choreographers and make sense of those metrics.

Using insight to build communities of brand advocates

Discover how insights that build well-curated communities of advocates can do the heavy lifting for brand communications.

"For marketers, it can be a challenge to use data in a measured, thoughtful, and tactful - not creepy - way."

John Lucker

Global Advanced Analytics & Modeling,  Deloitte

"When you go to Cannes, there’s more of a blend of different media and marketing technologies that are heavily focused around the value they’re adding."

Neil Joyce,

Executive Vice President, Global Sales, CRO at Signal

"Data is that something that helps you understand something that's right in front of your face. I don't know very many creatives, especially talented ones, who would say, 'Please don't give me more information."

Sara Bamossy

Chief Strategy Officer/Partner, Pitch

Bringing the whole industry together

If you work in media, PR or anything in the social space, this is the track you need to make time for. With delegates ranging from CEOs, company founders and huge global brands to award-winning creative directors and the people who brings creative ideas to life, it's time to fill your contact book at Cannes Lions.

Highlights from 2017

Scott Galloway from NYU

NYU Stern School of Business professor Scott Galloway shared why Facebook is such a powerful social tool for brands looking to reach people in a way that resonates emotionally.

Syl Saller from Diageo

Diageo's CEO shared a critical lesson about how to build out content that real people want to share and talk about.

David Remnick from The New Yorker magazine

The Pulitzer Prize winner took to the stage to talk about how everyone - from brands to creators - has a responsibility to operate differently in the era of fake news.

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18 - 22 June

Cannes, France