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What’s New for Cannes Lions 2024

Each year we review the Awards to ensure they reflect the current landscape, while also paving the way forward.

Below is a summary of the changes we've made for 2024. If you have specific questions or want to learn more get in touch with our Awards experts today.

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We’ve introduced the Luxury & Lifestyle Lions

This Lion will provide a global benchmark for brands in the luxury space, recognising and celebrating the most impactful creative work, experiences and creative business solutions for the luxury sector.

It will recognise branded communications and solutions that drive business performance and brand loyalty, as well as creativity and innovation that are rooted in craftsmanship.

We’ve expanded the Innovation Lions

We’ve expanded the Innovation Lions to reflect the ever-changing landscape of creative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. This expansion includes spaces for environmental, societal and financial innovation.

Work entered into the Innovation Lions should demonstrate ground-breaking innovation, technology and problem solving that turn imaginative ideas into impactful reality.

We’ve brought Humour to Cannes Lions

We’ve introduced a humour category to the Cultural & Context sections that sit across the Lions, to celebrate the art of humour in branded communications.

Work entered into this category should use wit and satire to provide amusement and create memorable, laughter-inducing connections with audiences.

We’ve refreshed the Social & Influencer Lions

We’ve expanded the categories within the Social & Influencer Lions to better recognise and celebrate the pivotal role that content creators play in shaping and amplifying brand messages.

The dynamic influence these individuals have on audiences across social and digital platforms reflects the evolving nature of communication and branding in the modern era.

We’ve restructured the Audio & Radio Lions

As technology continues to advance, audio content has gained prominence across diverse platforms, breaking free from its traditional radio roots.

To reflect this shift in focus, we’ve changed the name from “Radio & Audio Lions” to “Audio & Radio Lions”.

Radio spots are still able to enter across the Lion as usual. This update simply depicts the evolution of this medium.

We’ve refreshed the PR Lions

We’ve refreshed the PR Lions to ensure the Award accurately reflects the current PR industry and celebrates work that delivers a brand message, changes behaviour or engages customers at scale.

Work entered into the ‘Excellence in PR Craft’ section can only be submitted and paid for by independent PR agencies, companies owned by a PR network or independent PR networks. This section will sit outside the existing maximum limits for entry within the PR Lions.

We’ve retired the Mobile Lions

Mobile devices are embedded in work across every channel and discipline, and over the past number of years, device-driven creativity has been expanding into almost every Lion. For many, mobile-first thinking is the norm.

To reflect this shift, we've closed the Mobile Lions. There will still be places for mobile-first creativity across the Lions – it just won't have a standalone Lion.

We’ve made the cultural context question compulsory

Last year, we introduced a question about cultural context, to help Jurors better understand the nuances of your work. The Jury found it so valuable that this year, we’re making it a compulsory element on every entry.

Use this question to really explain why your work is relevant for this brand, in this market, at this moment in time.

We’ve introduced an AI disclaimer

We’ve introduced a compulsory question asking you to disclose whether you used AI in your work, and if so, how. This is to help the Jury judge the work fairly, with the full picture.

We’ve provided an option for the Jury to see the responses to sustainability and DE&I questions

This year we’re opening up the option for you to share your responses to the sustainability and DE&I questions with the Jury. In doing so, we hope to encourage those making progress in these areas to share their success and to ignite conversations in the Jury room.