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Creative B2B

The Creative B2B Lions celebrate game-changing creativity and effectiveness in work for products and services that are purchased by professionals on behalf of businesses.

The work will need to demonstrate a blend of short-term tactics and long-term brand-building strategies that connect with customers, improve brand health and ultimately drive growth.


A number of criteria will be considered during judging, weighted as follows: 20% creative idea; 30% strategy; 20% execution; 30% results.

There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Creative B2B Lions as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

For Creative B2B Lions, the eligibility dates are 11 February 2023 – 11 April 2024. The work being judged should have first been implemented within this eligibility period. Exceptionally, category A06. Long-term Brand Building has an eligibility period of 11 February 2021 – 11 April 2024.

What does winning work look like?

IS THAT HEINZ?  |  HEINZ 2023 HEINZ - Is That Heinz - WUNDERMAN THOMPSON TURKEY - Cannes Lions 2023 (Presentation Image from The Work - 1531233-22494084) WUNDERMAN THOMPSON TURKEY, ISTANBUL BRONZE, CREATIVE B2B LIONS

In Turkey, small street food restaurants have a habit of refilling their empty Heinz bottles with generic alternatives to save on costs, whilst still attracting the brand’s loyal customers. To combat this and reinforce their brand identity, Heinz added their sauce’s iconic red colour to their labels. The work allowed customers to easily identify authentic Heinz products and resulted in a marked increase in sales. The work took home a Bronze Lion in Creative B2B.

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