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The official Cannes Lions wrap-up report distils insights, themes and expertise from across the Festival, as well as exploring winning work, in five bite-sized segments.

Dive into the topics at the heart of the 70th edition of the International Festival of Creativity, including:

  • the omnipresent AI debate
  • new ways to build brands
  • the rise of fandom and a community-first approach to creativity
  • harnessing creativity for business growth
  • creating opportunity in a polycrisis.

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"If you want to create value, be audacious. Because average is going to come for free."

Nick Law

Creative Chairperson

Accenture Song

What you'll learn

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Back to brand.

While many brands are prioritising investment in targeted promotions to drive sales uplift, above brand-building and customer experience, more astute marketers are bringing brand-building into tactical work. We investigate how to harness the power of the brand to make every opportunity and touchpoint an occasion to engage.

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Reset with AI.

As AI makes a profound impact on the world around us, creativity is needed more than ever. We explore learnings from the Festival on AI-powered breakthroughs, what’s coming next and what it means for creativity.

"The community is disrupting the purchase cycle, from linear to an infinity loop."

Sofia Hernandez

Global Head of Business Marketing


What you'll learn

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Community first.

Inclusion, collaboration and communities are three powerful themes running through successful creative work. We examine how smart brands are pinpointing the communities they want to engage with, prioritising inclusion and working with creators.

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Go for growth.

Embedding a culture of effectiveness is a business priority for brands. We report on how baking in measurement, getting buy-in from the board and setting your brand up for sustainable growth will enable effective creativity.

"Often the answer is inside the product, you don’t have to delve into pop culture, you don’t need to jump on a trend. It’s right there. "

Tor Myhren

Vice-President of Marketing Communications


What you'll learn

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Seize the future.

New, line-in-the-sand style thinking will keep your brand fresh and relevant, and introduce it to new audiences. New craft techniques, including how to target audiences via virtual worlds, and ways to work in a more sustainable way will become more important. We share learnings on how to keep your brand fit for the future.

Get the official Cannes Lions wrap-up report