Creativity Moves Us Forward

Introducing a new space to amplify stories of how quick-thinking, acts of kindness, invention and compassion are being employed in real-time to solve some of the issues we’re collectively facing in this new reality 

The need for creative progress is greater than ever

Creativity is more important than ever before, but it’s not easy to be creative under confines like the ones we face today. We’re going to be sharing useful talks, Lion-winning work and inspiring stories from the creative community around the world.

So far, our community has sent us stories from around the globe of how creativity is being applied to respond to shifting consumer behaviour, rapidly changing circumstances and a period of extended isolation. And, of course, we’re here to offer timely lessons from the past ten years that highlight the enduring power of creativity.

Regular, relevant insights and inspiration.

We’ve built this space to give you access to important resources including original content – ordinarily available exclusively to subscribers to our creative intelligence platform, The Work. Expect inspiration from the Festival stages, expert guidance on how to navigate change, creative insights from winning work and stories from inside our community. Each week, we’ll share relevant learnings and breakthroughs, highlighting creative solutions to today’s challenges from across the community.


Today's inspiration:

Airbnb has revolutionised the way we travel. Back in 2008, its inception marked the explosion of a sharing economy that would define the next decade. CEO & Co-Founder Brian Chesky tells Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles about raising investment in for 'air beds' in a cratering economy, the pressures of pioneering a new category and his vision for closing the cultural gaps that divide us.

Progress Through Creativity

In our new podcast series we talk to members of our global community and explore their inspirational stories of progress. Across the world governments, businesses and individuals are dealing with extraordinary circumstances that are forcing all of us to challenge the status quo as we step into a new normal. But as traditional models are being upturned and everyday routines are being dismantled, small shoots of hope are emerging.

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