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See what the Festival has to offer, both within the Palais and beyond.

The Talks

Here’s where you can see the hundreds of Talks, Meet Ups and Workshops happening at venues around the Festival.

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Lumière Theatre

The Lumière Theatre is the largest in the Palais. It brings the Cannes Lions delegation together for idea-provoking, call-to-arms thought leadership. This stage is only run a few times throughout the week to bring together the creative community. It is also where all of the Awards shows are held every night from 19:00.

View Lumiere Theatre talks
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Debussy Theatre

Adjacent to the Lumiere and to the right of the escalators is the Debussy Theatre. Expect a plethora of show-stopping talks, featuring creative legends, multi-award-winning brands, outside-the-box talent and thinkers challenging the status quo.

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Palais II Stage

The Palais II stage has returned, hear from some of the top global brands and agency leaders on what it takes to achieve creative excellence. Visit Palais II for all our CMOs in the Spotlight and Secret Speaker sessions.

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Terrace Stage

The Terrace Stage brings cutting-edge thought leadership and a deep dive into the hottest topics the creative industry cares the most about today. Come to watch our Creatives on the Terrace and Future Gazers series.

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The Forum

The Forum Stage will see some of the most innovative brands and agencies from around the globe, diving into the big industry issues and challenges. This stage will bring local creativity to the worldwide stage and shine a spotlight on it.

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The Lab

The Lab stage, located in Palais II, is hosting an array of dynamic workshops and collaborative Meet Ups to engage and teach delegates how to elevate their thinking and creative power. Join high-profile industry legends in interactive Meet Ups to learn and network with peers from across the globe.

The LIONS Awards

The Awards ceremonies take place each evening of the Festival and queuing along the red carpet is part of the fun. There’s no better inspiration than to see the work awarded.

Head to the Basement level where you’ll find the Awards Hub with all the help and inspiration you could wish for.

Live Judging

Experience the judging process like never before. Watch live as Jurors analyse the shortlisted work up for coveted Awards including: Titanium, Glass: The Lion For Change, and Innovation.

Inside The Jury Room

Hear the Jury Presidents and Jury Members explore winning pieces of work. Get insiders’ insights into the process of selecting the winners. You'll leave these sessions inspired and equipped with tips on how to craft your future submissions.

Tours of the Work

A guided journey through the exhibition of shortlisted and winning work, led by a Jury Member. Immerse yourself in different Tracks and discover the key ingredients of the Award-winning work. You can also explore the shortlisted and winning work at The Work hub.

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