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Here’s what to pack for Cannes Lions

Our ultimate guide on what to bring for Festival week

Packing for your trip can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the Festival. We’ve put together some tips on what to bring so you can feel prepared for the week.

Clothes to take

  • Comfortable footwear: Make sure you bring comfortable shoes as you'll be doing a lot of walking as you explore the Festival. We recommend a pair of trainers or flats. If you’re planning on bringing a new pair of shoes, pack blister plasters!

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat: Don't forget to protect yourself from the French Riviera sun. In June, the average high temperature is 23.8°C (74.8°F), and the average low temperature is 17.7°C (63.9°F). Pack sunscreen with a high SPF and a pair of sunglasses with high UV protection. Our networking spaces are both indoors and outdoors, so you might want to bring a hat – useful if you prefer the shade.

  • Warm layers: Evenings in Cannes can get chilly, especially if you're near the waterfront. Pack a lightweight jacket or sweater to layer over your outfits for cooler evenings and air-conditioned spaces.

Dress code

  • What to wear during the day: The dress code is usually business casual during the day, but do keep the warm weather in mind. Expect to see a mix of casual suits, dresses and shorts. But it’s Cannes Lions, so anything goes.

  • What to wear for Award Shows and the Closing Party: There’s no strict dress code for the evening events. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in – but feel free to pack your party outfit for the Closing Party. The Carlton Beach, where the Closing Party takes place, is decked, which may help you choose which shoes to wear.

Useful things to bring

  • Portable phone charger: These are a must, as you’ll want to capture as much content as possible! If you don’t have one or forget to bring one, don’t worry. We have plenty of charging spaces across the Festival, which are signposted in the Cannes Lions 2024 app.

  • European adapter: Travelling from outside France? Don’t forget to pack a European travel adapter if you need one to charge your electronics.

  • Mobile data: Complimentary Wi-Fi will be available throughout the Festival grounds, so you don’t have to rely on mobile data.

  • Notebook and pen: While devices are handy, having a physical notebook and pen can be invaluable for jotting down important notes, contacts or sudden bursts of inspiration during sessions and networking.

  • Recyclable water bottle: You’ll find water refill stations signposted on the Map, so it’s useful to bring a water bottle to fill up. Look out for our very own onsite merch shop at the Festival, as we’ve got Cannes Lions branded bottles available. Tap water in Cannes is safe to drink unless marked otherwise.

Now that you're all packed and ready to go, explore our Insider Top Tips or get in touch with the Delegates team via email, phone or live chat if you have any questions – we’re here to help.

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