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Where the next generation of creative stars go head-to-head.

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We organise Competitions to challenge young creatives from every corner of the communications industry. If you're under 30, the Young Lions Competitions are one of the best ways to celebrate your creativity on a global stage.

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Design competition

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Put your skills to the test in a creative showdown to crown the most innovative ideas.

Learn to answer creative briefs in a fast-paced, competitive environment, working in a team of two, and in just 24 hours.

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Showcase your talent in front of our prestigious Young Lions Jury, over 450 fellow competitors, and the international Festival community.

Gold winners receive a complete Cannes Lions Festival pass including accommodation for next year’s Festival, and are celebrated at the Cannes Lions Award Show.

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It was f**king inspiring! You come home and wanna do so many things at once… I wish this feeling would stay forever.

Leo-Constantin Scheichenost, Young Lions Competitions (Print), HFA Studio