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Entertainment Lions For Music

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The Entertainment Lions for Music celebrate creative musical collaborations and branded music content.

Entries will need to demonstrate original production, promotion or distribution of music for brands; work where a recording artist or platform is creatively leveraged to communicate with consumers.


A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 20% strategy & insight; 30% creative idea; 30% craft & execution; 20% results.

Brands refers to talent, artists, creators, influencers, organisations, sponsors, platforms, media owners, rights holders or any entity that produces and distributes products and content related to the music industry.

There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Entertainment Lions for Music as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

Explore the categories

A. Branded Content for Music

Creative music content to promote a track, album, artist or brand.

A01 Excellence in Music Video.
Exceptional examples of original music videos and interactive music videos.

A02 Brand or Product Integration into Music Content.
Relevant and symbiotic brand integration into music videos or other music content.

A03 Use of Original Composition.
The impact and success of original music compositions created specifically for a brand’s use. The artistic achievement of the track itself will be considered as well as its successful use in branded content.

A04 Use of Licensed / Adapted Music.
Placement of a track that has been licensed or adapted by, but not specifically created for, a brand for use in its communications. The sourcing and suitability of the music for the brand and content will be considered.

B. Music-led Brand Experience

Meaningful, engaging experiences and activations created to attract or maintain an audience.

B01 Live Music Experience.
The design and production of experiences with music at its core, this may include but is not limited to, concerts, stunts, installations and activations held physically or within virtual worlds.

B02 Metaverse, New Realities & Emerging Tech.NEW
Immersive experiences which creatively push the boundaries of technology within music entertainment. Including but not limited to AR, VR, AI, wearable tech and mobile devices, voice technology, blockchain technology, gamification, virtual worlds, metaverse and all other emerging platforms. Does not include prototypes of early stage technology.

C. Community

Work which focuses on the development, maintenance and nurturing of a community or fanbase.

C01 Fan Engagement / Community Building.
Strategic initiatives designed to build and engage an artist's fanbase, enhancing community activity and brand affinity.

C02 Influencer & Co-Creation.NEW
The creative and innovative use of content creators, streamers and/or influencers to drive a brand's message and engage with a specific audience through music. This may include, but is not limited to, collaborations, sponsored content and user-generated content.

D. Partnerships

Exceptional strategic partnerships between brands and music entities.

D01 Brand Partnerships, Sponsorships & Collaborations.
Strategic brand partnerships and collaborations that leverage music, branded content and entertainment to meet specific business goals and mutually benefit everyone involved.

D02 Partnerships with Music Talent. NEW
Strategic partnerships between a brand and a known music artist or personality to co-create and develop branded content or products to further a brand’s reach, increase engagement and drive business. Entries will be judged on how effective and mutually beneficial the partnership was.

E. Challenges & Breakthroughs

Creative and innovative work which is brought to life through deep cultural insight, regional context and progressive thinking.

E01 Diversity & Inclusion in Music. NEW
Brand-led creative work that leverages music to tackle and confront disparities based on sex, sexuality, disability, age, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or other status within the music industry.

E02 Innovation in Music. NEW
The innovative use of music platforms and technology for a brand or artist, including but not limited to streaming platforms, video hosting services, virtual worlds, playlist strategies, apps and wearables. Focus will be placed on the creative application of technology to enrich a brand’s content and its product or service. Does not include prototypes of early stage technology.

E03 Challenger Brand. NEW
Brands which have creatively adapted their approach in response to competitor pressure by challenging the status quo to create game-changing work that uses progressive thinking and innovative creativity.

E04 Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight. NEW
Work inspired by a specific audience or community, hinging on identifiable social behaviour or cultural insights, stemming from the ideas, customs, values and lifestyles found within a specific region or locality.

E05 Breakthrough on a Budget. NEW
Creative use of modest budgets and/or resources in relation to the market and/or industry to create maximum impact. Entries should demonstrate how fresh insight, smart spending and compelling strategic thinking solved a business problem despite limited resources.

What does winning work look like?


Kenshi Yonezu is one of Japan’s hottest artists, having over 4 billion views and over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, more than any other Japanese musician. He’s also a gamer who’s loved PlayStation from childhood and has once stated that PlayStation games significantly influenced his imagination and creative process. To celebrate our shared spirit of play, we launched PlayStation’s branded film and Yonezu’s music video, featuring his song “POP SONG” written for PlayStation and an original character designed and portrayed by Kenshi Yonezu himself. The film follows the character who pushes the boundaries by wielding a playful mind rather than weapons, acting out the spirit of Play Has No Limits.

2023 Jury President

Danielle Hinde

Owner/Executive Producer

Doomsday Entertainment

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