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Entertainment Lions For Sport

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The Entertainment Lions for Sport celebrate creativity that taps into fan culture and leverages the power of sports and esports in connecting people to brands.

Entries will need to demonstrate excellence in breakthrough creativity within the sports and esports ecosystem through the use of effective strategic planning, sponsorship, brand management, media, entertainment and/or talent.


A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 20% strategy & insight; 30% creative idea; 30% craft & execution; 20% results.

Brands refers to talent, artists, creators, influencers, streamers, athletes, teams, organisations, sponsors, platforms, media owners, rights holders or any entity that produces and distributes products and content related to the sport industry.

Esports may be entered across all categories within Entertainment Lions for Sports.

There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Entertainment Lions for Sport as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

Explore the categories

A. Branded Content for Sport

Creative content crafted to build awareness for a brand by associating it with culture and values through sport.

A01 Film Series and Audio.
Branded film, radio and audio content including documentaries and series, with sports at their core which aim to amplify a sports organisation or brand's message.
* If you are submitting a series of films please upload all executions in a single video file with slates denoting the start of the next execution.

A02 Live Broadcast / Live Streaming.
Brand or sponsor integration into live coverage of sport events, including the use of live streaming platforms, where a brand contributes a unique narrative or expertise that clearly enhances the overall quality of the content.
* Please supply a sample film file of up to 30 minutes.

A03 Promotional Content for Publishers & Networks.
Sport related content / programming created to promote a media company, network, broadcaster or publisher. Entries will be judged not just on the content, but how it communicated or evolved the identity of the publisher.

A04 Brand Storytelling .
Sport initiatives / campaigns that demonstrate brand narratives to drive meaningful fan / consumer engagement across relevant platforms.

B. Sport-led Brand Experience

Meaningful, engaging experiences and activations created to attract or maintain an audience.

B01 Sports Live Experience .
Brand or sponsor integration into live sport or esport events, shows, stunts and installations held physically or within virtual worlds, enabling a brand to provide message amplification and engage with an audience.

B02 Metaverse, New Realities & Emerging Tech. NEW
Immersive experiences which creatively push the boundaries of technology within sport entertainment. Including but not limited to AR, VR, AI, wearable tech and mobile devices, voice technology, blockchain technology, gamification, virtual worlds, metaverse and all other emerging platforms. Does not include prototypes of early stage technology.

B03 Esports & Gaming .
Esports, games and gaming initiatives created to communicate a brand, teams or sports organisation through the creative production, promotion and distribution of content with sport-related gaming at the core including the use of brand integration within existing gaming platforms.

B04 360 Integrated Brand Experience.
Experiences that successfully carry a brand’s message across multiple platforms / channels, both online and offline. Entries should demonstrate how content featuring a brand’s message, product or service has been seamlessly implemented on various platforms to continue and amplify meaningful consumers’ experience and engagement.

C. Community

Work which focuses on the development, maintenance and nurturing of a community or fanbase.

C01 Fan Engagement / Distribution Strategy.
Audience engagement and distribution strategies designed to build and engage a sports-related fanbase, enhancing community activity and brand affinity.

C02 Influencer & Co-creation .
The creative and innovative use of content creators, streamers and/or influencers to drive a brand's message and engage with a specific audience within sport. This may include, but is not limited to, collaborations, sponsored content and user-generated content.

D. Partnerships

Exceptional strategic partnerships between brands and sports-related entities.

D01 Brand Partnerships, Sponsorships & Collaborations. NEW
Strategic brand partnerships and collaborations that leverage sports, branded content and entertainment to meet specific business goals and mutually benefit everyone involved.

D02 Partnerships with Sports Talent.
Strategic partnerships between a brand and a known sports personality, team or sports organisation. Entries will be judged on how effective and mutually beneficial the partnership was.

E. Challenges & Breakthroughs

Creative and innovative work which is brought to life through deep cultural insight, regional context and progressive thinking.

E01 Diversity & Inclusion in Sport.
Brand-led creative work that leverages sport to tackle and confront disparities based on sex, sexuality, disability, age, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or other status within a sport or sports-related community.

E02 Innovation in Sport. NEW
The innovative use of new or existing technology, platforms, media or channels to create branded products and content that enhance the sports experience, comfort, performance, safety of athletes and fans.

E03 Challenger Brand.
Brands which have creatively adapted their approach in response to competitor pressure by challenging the status quo to create game-changing work that uses progressive thinking and innovative creativity.

E04 Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight. NEW
Work inspired by a specific audience or community, hinging on identifiable social behaviour or cultural insights, stemming from the ideas, customs, values and lifestyles found within a specific region or locality.

E05 Breakthrough on a Budget. NEW
Creative use of modest budgets and/or resources in relation to the market and/or industry to create maximum impact. Entries should demonstrate how fresh insight, smart spending and compelling strategic thinking solved a business problem despite limited resources.

What does winning work look like?


BMX is all about the perfect start; with 70% of all BMX-races being won in the first 6 meters. This start consists of 3 elements: reaction speed, power and the angle at which the bike is pulled up. The ideal combination of these three factors is the biggest mystery in BMX. Until we developed Samsung FastFrame. A new custom-made BMX bike, with built-in sensors measuring the factors in real time. The data, directly transferred to the coaches' smartphones, unlocked this ideal combination for the perfect start.

Creating true value for the athletes (FastFrame as a training tool), the big press launch of the innovative secret weapon and the personal stories of the athletes and their ‘DoWhatYouCant’-mentality, formed the campaign core.

2023 Jury President

Rob Doubal

Co-President of McCann London and Joint Chief C...

McCann London

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