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The Pharma Lions celebrate creative communications for pharmaceutical clients and services with work that brings science and innovation to life.

All work entered into Pharma Lions must be aimed at specific practitioners and patient groups in relation to the management of a disease or medical condition diagnosed and treated by a healthcare professional.


There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Pharma as long as the mediums chosen are relevant.

The same piece of work may only be entered in either Pharma Lions or Health & Wellness Lions.

Only products and services prescribed by healthcare professionals should be entered in Pharma Lions. However, the same piece of work can only be entered in either section 'A. Direct to Consumer’, ‘B. Regulated', 'C. Non-regulated' or 'D. Veterinary'.

If you wish to enter an OTC or general wellbeing product or service, please see Health & Wellness Lions.

Please read the Supporting Material Guide before entering.

Resources for the Pharma Lions

Supporting Material Guide

What does winning work look like?

PICTURE THE DAYS AHEAD (PATIENT BOOKLET)  | LENALIDOMIDE 2023 LENALIDOMIDE - Picture the Days Ahead (Patient Booklet) - FCB HEALTH EUROPE - Cannes Lions 2023 (Supporting Images from The Work - 1552806-22487378) (1) FCB HEALTH EUROPE, LONDON BRONZE, PHARMA LIONS

Sandoz created a collection of typographic artworks to give hope to newly-diagnosed myeloma patients. The artwork brought patient information booklets and posters to life, showing patients all the life they still had ahead, and proving an important emotional first step in the treatment process. The work won a Bronze Lion in Pharma.