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Careers In The Making

Grace Lokako's story

When creativity and technology combine, progress comes easily. In the latest ‘Careers In The Making’ episode, Grace Lokako discusses what it means to be part of the Cannes Lions experience – and how she’ll use what she’s learned back home in Switzerland, to blaze a trail as a female leader in tech. Learn her story.


"I've met so many people that I wasn't expecting to meet. I've lived so many new experiences, it's been mind blowing."

Careers In The Making | Grace Lokako

Senior Product Marketing Specialist


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grace fullI'm an introvert. And to me, dancing was my safe haven to sort of like, be in my own bubble and express myself in ways that I couldn't otherwise. And I guess the first feeling I have when I dance is just confidence, which I don't necessarily have. I could look like I am, but I pretend. I had to sort of find an avenue that would make me express myself without having to communicate and finding a way where I can share things without to having to talk, having to say anything.

I'm running this sort of initiative to get all the companies united to address the gender gap in tech. So I started looking up the work from Cannes Lions, the work of people actually touches you and make you want to do. And so I was like, I want to learn. I want to be around these people because I want to learn how I can create impactful stories that will make people want to react.

So my vision and hope now looks bigger than when I came here. Now I feel like I can do so much more. Still focused, but, like, much bigger. I saw the scholarship, the first ever, and I made it. And I've met so many people that I wasn't expecting to meet. I've lived so many new experiences, so it's been mind blowing.

Ambition for me today means purpose, having a vision and knowing where you want to go. Stepping clear goals and start with one step. There's one insight I will take with me home is don't wait for permission, just go for it. So I am done asking, waiting for permission, I'm just going for it.

My name is Grace Lokako. I'm a senior product marketing specialist at Logitech. I'm here on a fully paid scholarship from Cannes Lions for a whole week of just amazing learning.

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