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Max Alonso

Careers In The Making Series II

Creativity takes heart. But Max Alonso, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at UMMI, goes further – ensuring heart is always at the core of his creative process. For the return of ‘Careers In The Making’, we spoke to Max about the importance of personal connection and emotion in creativity. Here’s what he had to say:


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I really consider myself as a creative thinker. My creative process was influenced by music and discovering music as a way of performing my ideas was great on my creative path.

A great moment of life was the opportunity of writing my first song and sharing that with people that I love was amazing because you can connect in a very different way. We create content for brands that are full hearted and working with our hearts. That's also something that I try to communicate a lot because it's key, like when you put your heart, your sentiment, your intention to a project, that really shows in the results.

" When you put your heart, your sentiment, your intention to a project, that really shows in the results"

Max Alonso

Co-Founder and Executive Producer


So understanding your emotions, understanding what you want, where you want to get, which are your references, which are your influences, that's part of your heart. I really think that developing skills and learning and getting knowledge from people that are a lot more experienced, it's great because we, we have the opportunity of making something better in our personal projects. So that's why I decided to come.

I really think that being creative, it's not a last name or, uh, a job position that we add to our actual job, but it's a way of living and understanding life through being creative. It's like a skill that we have to develop and practice all of days. I consider myself a warrior of the new technologies. I really think that on advertisement, on marketing, we are all of the time changing and changing. So we have to be very receptive to what the world is requiring or your projects are requiring. So I love that. I love to be changing, learning – and that's why I'm here.

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