Awards FAQ

When is the next edition of Cannes Lions?

The next edition of the Cannes Lions Festival including Awards will take place June 21-25 2021, when we look forward to welcoming back the world’s top brands and the creative industries to celebrate the best of global creativity.

I submitted entries for Cannes Lions 2020, what happens next?

The work that would have been judged in 2020 will now be judged at the 2021 festival.

Can I still enter work that would have been eligible for Cannes Lions 2020?

Yes, you can enter either ‘2020 Work’ or ‘2021 Work’ up until the final deadline on 15 April 2021.

The specific eligibility dates and requirements for ‘2020 Work’ and ‘2021 Work’ are detailed on our Rules & Eligibility page.

If you're not sure whether your work is eligible get in touch. We strongly recommend checking eligibility before you start to create your entry submissions. 

Will there be one Award show?

Yes, there will be one Award show for Cannes Lions 2021.

Will Lions be awarded in 2021?

Yes, one set of Lions will be awarded from work that is eligible to enter.

How many Grands Prix will you award?

The Jury will award one Grand Prix for each Lion and will have the option to award a Grand Prix for each year.

For example, there will be one Grand Prix for Design Lions. Additionally, that Jury has the option of awarding a Grand Prix for Design Lions for work from each eligibility period.

How many Special Awards will be awarded?

There will be one set of Special Awards which will be calculated from all Lions and shortlisted work.


Will ‘2020 Work’ be judged with ‘2021 Work’?

Yes, the same jury will judge all the work in their respective Lion, but will have access to all entry information and media including airing dates.

Have there been any changes to the Lions and categories in 2021?

We have not removed any categories or Lions from the 2020 list, however we have introduced new categories. You can find out more about what’s new here.

If you feel your work is better suited to a new category, you will be able to move your work. Please see Part A of the Rules for further information. 

I have submitted physical supporting material already, what will happen to it?

If you have already sent materials for your entries then we will store them in preparation for judging at Cannes Lions 2021. If you choose to withdraw your entry we will recycle your entry materials where possible.


Entry Process FAQs

Is my work eligible for Cannes Lions?

The entry must have been created within the context of a normal paying contract and genuine brief from a brand OR, if it’s a case of self-promotion or a non-profit organisation, the brand has approved all the media / production / implementation. More information here.

Eligibility dates are dependent on the Lion and year that is being entered. Please check the eligibility criteria for each Lion on our Rules & Eligibility page. If you're not sure whether your work is eligible get in touch.

What are the key dates for entering my work into Cannes Lions?

Entries open 14 October 2020 and our final deadline is 15 April 2021. You can find further details on our Dates & Fees page

How do I choose where to enter and find out more about the entry process?

Awards Experts are available all year to talk you through the process and give you further advice about any specific queries, including help with category selection. Contact us here.

Where can I find the material guidelines or media specifications?

The Supporting Material Guidelines can be found in Entry Kit 1. Download the Entry Kit here.

When should I send the physical material?

For Cannes Lions 2020/2021, we are not able to accept physical materials. Instead, you can provide a demo film of the physical samples for the jury to experience.

We also are not able to accept printed proofs for Outdoor, Print & Publishing and Industry Craft, you will instead provide a digital version of the work.

If you have any queries please get in touch with us on

I'm worried I won't be ready to submit my work before the deadline. Can I ask for more time?

If you are concerned that you won’t meet the final deadline on 15 April 2021, please get in touch.

Can I pay first and upload material later?

All media included in your entry must be the final version at the point that you complete and pay for them. No replacement or additional media can be accepted after an entry has been finalised and received by the Festival without exception.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Credit Card and Bank Transfer Payments. If you wish to change your payment method after you have submitted your entries, please get in touch with our Awards Experts for more information.

Does the entry fee cover all my entries?

The entry fee is charged per individual entry, i.e. one piece of work entered in a single category. The fees per Lions differ, you can check the fees here.

I have submitted my entries, what happens next?

After submission, each entry is reviewed by our Awards Experts before it is presented to the Jury. Please make sure that the Entry Contact is ready to be contacted by our team if we have any need for clarification about your entry. Find out more about the judging process here.

Can I withdraw my entry?

To request a withdrawal, please email with your entry number and title.

Please check our Dates & Fees page for further information on the withdrawals process.

When do I find out if my work has been shortlisted or awarded??

Shortlists and winners will be announced on during the week of Cannes Lions Live.


Creative Team Credits FAQs

What is a “Creative Team Credited Winner”?

A Creative Team Credited Winner is a person listed in an entry’s creative team credits, who has made a significant contribution to the creation of the Work and has been approved by the entrant company responsible for submitting an entry which has won an Award (Entrant Company)

Is there a limit on the number of creative team credits?

From 2021, we have introduced a limit of 30 creative team credits per entry (as confirmed during the entry submission process), which must be decided and approved by the Entrant Company.

Does the limit apply to ‘2020 Work’?

For 2020 Work (which was submitted prior to the introduction to the cap, on 15 March 2021), we are able to exceed the limit provided only that the creative credits were submitted on the original entry by the Entrant Company. 

I believe that I am a Creative Team Credited Winner for Work prior to 2020/2021, but I have not been credited by the Entrant Company. What should I do?

We are able to credit an individual as a Creative Team Credited Winner if they have been omitted in error when a piece of Work was originally submitted. You will need to contact the relevant Entrant Company for the piece of Work to request that you are added as a Creative Team Credited Winner.* You can do this by emailing  with your request. When submitting your request, please include written approval from the Entrant Company for the piece of Work in respect of which you are requesting to be included as a Creative Team Credited Winner.

Where a central email address (for example: was used as a creative team credit, rather than naming individuals, we will allow up to 30 individuals to be credited as Creative Team Credited Winners on each piece of Work. The Entrant Company will be responsible for designating those individuals who are permitted to be named as Creative Team Credited Winners for a piece of Work. The Entrant Company can do this by emailing  with your request. 

*Please note, to prevent abuse of the complimentary access to the LIONS Membership for Awards Winners, we will only permit individuals to be added as a Creative Team Credited Winner for a piece of Work where you have previously been credited as a Creative Team Credited Winner for another piece of Work, and upon approval from the relevant Entrant Company of the additional piece of Work for which you wish to be credited.  

I am not listed as a Creative Team Credited Winner for a piece of Work due to a discrepancy in the name used on the Entry. What should I do?

For verified Creative Team Credited Winners, we are able to correct spelling mistakes, replace nicknames, reflect name changes and/or align names across creative team credits associated with previous pieces of Work, where required, to ensure that an individual is accurately credited as a Creative Team Credited Winner. Please email with your request.