The Luxury & Lifestyle Lions

Celebrating creativity and innovation that’s setting a new standard in the ever-changing luxury sector.

The Luxury & Lifestyle Lions recognise those bold enough to challenge the narrative. The luxury brands and agencies creating work that breaks convention and bridges the gap between culture and commerce. The work that gives this space a new meaning.

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Why have we introduced this Award?

Since branding began, the luxury sector has had a unique ability to bring people together over shared tastes, aspirations and stories. From fashion to automotive, these are brands that have defined culture.

But today, as audience expectations shift, brands have the chance to push into a new creative space. The rules are different every day for this global market. And different rules mean new opportunities to turn creativity and craft on its head.


Create a new era of Luxury

Luxury brands have the ability to shape culture. And shaping culture means tapping into it. Creativity is the tool that will push the luxury market into unchartered territory. This is your moment to reinvent, and challenge, what it means to be in the luxury space. To show that you’re bold enough to go against what’s been done before to capture an audience who wants more. To show that you’re changing the narrative of Luxury through creativity, now and in the future.

Your work will respond to shifting consumer expectations that go beyond products, from relevance and community to sustainability and storytelling.

More about entering the Luxury & Lifestyle Lions

Define culture. Make history.

Set the new global benchmark for brands in the Luxury and Lifestyle space at Cannes Lions 2024.

What will the Jury be looking for?


Work that builds a brand world

BMW Museum of Sounds
Serviceplan Middle East

As BMW welcomed silent electric vehicles, fans said they missed the familiar engine sounds. So, BMW held a track day where owners could immortalise the engine’s iconic roar through eco-friendly NFTs, which would then unlock future events. The result was that BMW gave people something that would build loyalty in the long term.


Work that uses craft to communicate values

Kaguya by Gucci
Dentsu inc. Tokyo

Gucci created a contemporary retelling of an ancient Japanese fairytale for the 75th anniversary of its bamboo handle bags. The campaign paid tribute to traditional Japanese art forms, and used AI to blend machine learning with classical music for a modern twist. Gucci’s work felt fresh, and the emotional storytelling brought the brand’s values to life.

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