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The PR Lions celebrate the craft of strategic and creative communication. 
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Entries will need to demonstrate how original thinking, transformative insight and a strategy rooted in earned has influenced opinion and driven business, societal, and/or cultural change. That is, work with storytelling at its core, which established, protected and enhanced reputation and business of an organisation or brand. A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 20% idea; 30% strategy; 20% execution; 30% impact and results.

PR Lions Sections

  • A. PR: Sectors

    The same entry can be submitted only once in this section.

    • A01 Food & Drink

      All food and drinks.

    • A02 Other FMCG

      Beauty, cleaning products, other household goods, other FMCG.

    • A03 Healthcare

      Pharma, OTC drugs, wellness.

    • A04 Consumer Durables

      Technology, homewares, furniture and lighting, toys, fashion, home appliances, other durables.

    • A05 Automotive

      Vehicles, other automotive.

    • A06 Retail

      Retail, eCommerce, restaurants, fast food.

    • A07 Travel

      Travel, tourism, transport.

    • A08 Leisure

      Live events, museums & galleries, gambling, sports, gaming, other recreation.

    • A09 Media / Entertainment

      Music, film, television, publications & media, books, news, digital platforms, other media.

    • A10 Consumer Services / Business to Business

      Legal, financial, B2B technology, consultancies & professional services, other business services, internal & corporate comms.

    • A11 Not-for-profit / Charity / Government

      Government, public information, other not-for-profit, military, charities, non-profit.

  • B. Digital & Social

    In these categories, your entry will be judged specifically on how well the digital medium/social platform was used to support or execute the PR campaign.

    • B01 Mobile & Apps

      Campaigns delivered through mobile/portable devices and technology, including the use or creation of any application (native, hybrid, web based or pre-installed) for a mobile device (smartphones, tablets etc.).

    • B02 Social Community Building & Management

      Social activity designed to build or maintain an online community that enhances brand affinity among targeted audiences. Community activity, engagement levels and the tone of targeted conversation will all be considered.

    • B03 Real-time Response

      Real-time social activity designed to respond and engage in the conversation around world events, public affairs and other real-world, real-time activity in a creative and meaningful way.

    • B04 Co-creation & User Generated Content

      Social based activity designed to engage with a community/fanbase and encourage them to contribute or collaborate with a brand initiative. Engagement may be intended to drive long term value through collaborative interaction. Further creative use and placement of content generated will also be considered.

    • B05 Innovative Use of Social Media

      Creative utilisation of existing or emerging social platform(s). Evidence of innovative use of the social medium, levels of engagement, social reach and strategy will all be considered.

    • B06 Websites & Microsites

      Purpose built websites, microsites or digital content hubs. Also including search marketing etc.

  • C. Insights & Measurement

    In partnership with AMEC, these categories showcase effectiveness in using data to drive creative inspiration and communications strategies. Entries will be judged on the deliberate and thoughtful introduction of insights and measurements to develop campaigns that have had a real impact on the performance of an organisation. Entries should demonstrate the success of activities that tackles the wide range of reputational and stakeholder challenges that non-advertising communications have to address.”

    • C01 Research Data Analytics & Insight Generation

      Research, data-led or actionable insight that provides a meaningful contribution or input to a public relations program. Entrants should provide evidence of research or insight, quality of thinking and the development of a strategy.

    • C02 PR Effectiveness

      Recognises creative campaigns that have produced a proven impact on a client’s business and reputation. Entries will need to provide results data, as well as details of measurement tools and analysis methods used to evaluate results. Consideration will be given to tangible business results and the quality and quantity of media.

  • D. Techniques

    In these categories your entry will be judged on the creative implementation of your chosen PR technique in order to earn attention and achieve desired campaign outcomes.

    • D01 Media Relations

      PR that puts journalism at the heart of the campaign, with evidence of a high-degree of innovation intended to engage, educate or influence editorial. Entries should explain the relevance of media outcomes, including depth, quality and messaging. Consideration will be given to how this strategy achieved or supported the desired campaign outcome.

    • D02 Use of Events & Stunts

      Campaigns that use stunts, events, competitions, promotional games, pop-up events, street art, guerrilla marketing, corporate events, launch parties, live streamed events, festivals etc. to build the value and reputation of a brand or communication project as part of a wider public relations strategy.

    • D03 Use of Celebrity, Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders

      Campaigns that associate a personality or expert of great influence with a product/service in order to reach specific awareness/business goals and/or to help establish trust with the target audience.

    • D04 Launch / Re-launch

      Campaigns created to launch or re-launch a product or service.

    • D05 Brand Voice & Strategic Storytelling

      Customised strategy designed to communicate it's particular point of view/story of a brand/organisation in a consistently relevant way and to build an emotional connection with employees, shareholders and customers alike.

    • D06 Content-led Engagement & Marketing

      Creation and distribution of brand or company owned media assets in order to drive engagement, earn attention and tell a story to promote or protect a company or brand. Includes thought leadership, surveys, reports, blogs, newsletters etc.

    • D07 Use of Technology

      Existing or new technology that pushes the boundaries of digital innovation to execute or support a PR campaign, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, gadgets and electronics, wearable and interactive technology, etc.

  • E. Excellence in PR

    In these categories your entry will be judged on the demonstration of exceptional and creative best practice within your chosen PR specialism.

    • E01 Corporate Image, Communication & Reputation Management

      Campaigns to build the image/raise the profile and shape the perceptions of a corporate brand, organisation or corporation.

    • E02 Public Affairs & Lobbying

      Campaigns planned to influence or inform the public policy agenda using either lobbying or wider public affairs strategies, as well as political or ballot initiatives.

    • E03 Crisis Communications & Issue Management

      Campaigns to plan and/or handle the consequences of a crisis or an issue that may affect a company’s credibility and reputation. Entries should demonstrate evidence of the planning and/or implementation of a crisis communication strategy and how the desired outcome was achieved.

    • E04 Corporate Social Responsibility

      Campaigns designed to address social, ethical or environmental issues and promote positive change. Consideration will be given to how the campaign relates to the brand or organisation’s wider ethos and demonstration of measurable impact.

    • E05 Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

      Engaging internal communications and activities, including change management, intended to connect employees with a company identity or message. Entries should demonstrate how activities translated into measurable results, employee satisfaction, and business growth.

    • E06 Sponsorship & Brand Partnership

      Campaigns that utilise sponsorship and/or partnership programs in order to meet specific awareness/business goals as well as to enhance the image of a brand, organisation or corporation.

    • E07 Multi-market Campaign

      Campaigns that are implemented across multiple markets. Entries should explain how the campaign was customised for each market and the tangible business and/or awareness results achieved.

  • F. Culture & Context

    • F01 Local Brand New!

      Campaigns for brands distributed in a single locality or market which resonated with a specific target audience.

    • F02 Challenger Brand New!

      Celebrating the success of disruptive, game-changing work for an aspiring brand that uses progressive thinking and innovative creativity to challenge the status quo.

    • F03 Single-market Campaign New!

      Campaigns that aired or ran in a single country / region / market. Entries should describe how the campaign was designed for the specific target market.

    • F04 Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight New!

      Campaigns inspired by a specific audience / community, hinging on identifiable social behaviour or cultural insights.

    • F05 Breakthrough on a Budget New!

      Strategic and creative use of modest budgets and/or resources to create maximum impact.

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PR Lions Jury
Full jury announced in 2019

Michelle Hutton President

Managing Director, Global Clients, Edelman

Michelle Hutton is the Managing Director, Global Client Strategy at Edelman, based in London, having previously held positions as both the COO of Europe and Chair of the agency's global consumer business. Before relocating to the UK, Michelle ran Edelman's operations in Australia, where she built and led an international award-winning team, producing communications marketing work for clients such as Samsung, KFC and GE.

Prior to joining Edelman in 2008, Michelle led Hill & Knowlton Strategies in Australia and ran the agency’s consumer marketing practice across Asia Pacific, where she particularly enjoyed driving campaigns that took a stand on cultural or societal issues. Michelle has a keen interest in supporting female leaders in the creative industry. She is on the advisory board of Global Women in PR and was previously a Board Director of The Communications Council in Australia serving on its Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

In 2017, Michelle joined the PR Jury for Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and was also PR Jury President for eurobest. She has served on other global creative and effectiveness juries including The Effie Awards and is excited to see impactful earned-centric work in Cannes this year.

Past winners of the PR Lions

Trash Isles

2018 · AMVBBDO for Plastic Oceans/LadBible


At the start of the campaign the issue was rarely talked about and the public were unaware of the issue, by the end of it global new channels such as Fox News, CNN and Europe 1 had covered it, major publications like National Geographic, Reuters and the Daily Mail wrote about it and more than half a billion people had been reached by the campaign.8 million tons of plastic is dumped in our ocean each year. Despite the scale of this problem and the massive areas this plastic is now forming Governments have simply ignored it and the public are unaware of it.Draw the attention to the unacceptable amounts of plastic in the ocean and make governments take notice Make the public aware of the scale of the problem. Get the press and public talking about the issue

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