President’s Playlist: Favourite PR Lions

Gail Heimann, CEO of Weber Shandwick and President of the PR Lions for 2021 shares her 10 favourite Lion-winning pieces of work from over the years. Here Gail considers work that celebrates the craft of strategic and creative communication which helped establish, protect and enhance brand reputations around the world.

Blood Relations | The Parents Circle Families Forum (PCFF) (2012)

This piece of work left a lasting impression on me. Blood Relations touches the deepest part of our human sensibilities, impacting social change and breaking down barriers. It brought together Palestinian and Israeli families from the Parents Circle Families Forum to donate blood alongside each other - blood that would then be donated to save lives on the opposite side. Boundary-busting work.

The Most Popular Song | Banco Popular (2012)

During my time as PR Jury President in 2012 our jury awarded this work a Lion for its unique, simple cultural insight. It also brought results - not only did ‘The Most Popular Song’ tap into Puerto Rican culture and music to help Banco Popular gain $2.3 million in earned media, but effectively served to inspire a nation to work.

Daughters of Mother India | Responsible Films (2017)

When a campaign is able to take a documentary about sexual violence against women and expand its reach to become an education tool – a movement - to change the way law enforcement treats victims, that’s work that goes beyond. That’s exactly what Daughters of Mother India accomplished.

This is Wholesome | Honey Maid (2012)

Honey Maid’s This is Wholesome is one of my favourite pieces of work because it was a simple idea which elevated a powerful message of equality. Work that has heart and is not afraid to make a bold statement. It is meaningful work with a truth that resonates for us all – love conquers hate.

Trash Isles | Plastic Oceans / LADBible (2018)

Trash Isles is just the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that drives world change. This purpose-driven case brought awareness to one of our planets’ biggest issues – one that we should all care about for our future generations - ocean pollution. By declaring all of the world’s ocean waste an official isle, it made the trash the solution.

#LikeAGirl | Always | Procter & Gamble (2015)

LikeAGirl was a campaign born of a pure insight - what happens to a girl when she reaches puberty. It’s an aha-worthy-insight that is woven throughout the campaign. This was an insight that hadn’t been explored before. A universal memorable truth.

ThisAbles | IKEA (2019)

Not in PR but great work. ThisAbles gives access to those who have been overlooked for so long by modern design. What I like about it most is how awesomely it threads a purpose-driven idea with technology.

One Copy Song | Adam Tensta Facebook (2012)

This work stands out to me because of its simplicity. It garnered results one listener at a time, showing that a simple idea can build epic momentum.

Fearless Girl | State Street Global Advisor (2017)

This piece of work literally stands for change, truth and equity. The Fearless Girl had a universal resonance that could not be denied.

Meet Graham | Transport Accident Commission

Meet Graham used science, technology and art to create a jaw dropping sculpture to drive conversation about road safety. The combination of these three elements elevated this work beyond.