Design Lions

The Design Lions celebrate visual craftsmanship. 

Entries will need to demonstrate how design has been used to define a brand or communicate its key messages. That is, work in which a unique visual identity leads to consumer recognition or understanding. A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 40% The idea, 40% Execution, 20% Results

Design Lions Category Sections

  • A. Brand-building

    These categories are for developed identity solutions across multiple brand touchpoints and media platforms. Entries in these categories should demonstrate the brand experience across a variety of the following media including packaging, print, brand collateral, digital content, environments and film content. Please supply at least 3 physical examples of new branding in place. If this is not possible please supply images in JPG format. The same entry can be submitted only once in this section.

    • A01 Creation of a New Brand Identity

      Creation of a new brand or corporate identity for any product, service or organisation.

    • A02 Rebrand / Refresh of an Existing Brand

      Rebrand/refresh of an existing brand identity for any product, service or organisation.

    • A03 Design-driven Effectiveness

      Design-led campaigns which have produced measurable, tangible business results. Entries must detail how the effectiveness was measured, evaluated and must demonstrate how the campaign drove tangible business results, was instrumental to cultural change or integral to achieving a brand's purpose.

  • B. Communication Design

    Please supply a copy of the actual piece. If this is not possible or practical, please supply example images in JPG format.

    • B01 Posters

      Focus will be placed on the design of the poster for the use of promotion and brand communication. The item should have been created as a poster, not a concept conceived for another medium and applied to a poster format.

    • B02 Promotional Printed Media

      Including but not limited to calendars, invitations, postcards, tickets and seasonal greeting cards within print media.

    • B03 Promotional Item Design

      Including but not limited to clothing, promotional gifts and samples, guerrilla marketing accessories & promotional items.

    • B04 Publications & Editorial Design

      Including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, brochures, articles.

    • B05 Books

      Including editorial and cover design for printed books. Please indicate in your submission whether you would like the cover or the whole book to be considered/judged.

    • B06 Data Visualisation

      Bespoke visualisations of complex data that communicate information clearly and efficiently through various mediums, both digital and non-digital.

    • B07 Brand Collateral

      Collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. Including but not limited to press/media kits, computer games, CD, DVD, record sleeves, letterheads, business cards etc.

    • B08 Special Editions & Bespoke Items New!

      Domestic consumer objects and products that are produced in a low volume series, as well as bespoke, one-off items.

  • C. Digital & Interactive Design

    • C01 Digital Design

      Focus will be placed on the execution of design to aid the function and use of the digital product. Including but not limited to websites, microsites, online publications, digital installations, apps, data visualisation etc.

    • C02 Digital Installations & Events

      Installations and events with a focus on the use of digital media and technology to communicate the brand or the brand's message.

    • C03 UX, UI & Journey Design

      The design of the customer journey/experience and the emotional and behavioural response it prompts will be considered here.

    • C04 Social Engagement

      Entries which evoke social media engagement through design, including but not limited to campaigns within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

  • D. Brand Environment & Experience Design

    The Brand Environment & Experience Design categories are focused on the personal experience of the brand story or message as told in space and in time. Entries should convey why the target audience find their experience remarkable, meaningful and memorable.

    Please supply 3-5 images in JPG format showing different views of the interior or exhibition, including a floor plan or layout if possible. The same entry can be submitted up to 3 times in this section.

    • D01 Retail Environment & Design

      Demonstrating a new or developed design and construction of a permanent retail space. Consideration will be placed on the functionality in relation to the product or service being sold, presentation of the client’s brand values and ease of sale. Entries in this category may include any type of permanent retail space e.g. department and specialist stores, banks, salons etc.

    • D02 Retail Installation & Experience New!

      Demonstrating a new or developed design and construction of a disruptive, temporary retail space. Consideration will be placed on the functionality to the product or service being sold, level of customer engagement, presentation of the client’s brand values and ease of sale. Entries in this category may include any temporary retail spaces. E.g. pop-up stores, seasonal displays and mobile demo units.

    • D03 Point of Sale Consumer Touchpoints & In-store Collateral New!

      In-store communications in order to drive immediate sales including: posters, on-shelf communication, digitally integrated POS, cardboard POS, visual merchandising & retail fixtures, product displays, shopping bags, gift wrapping, catalogues and other post-purchase collateral. Entries must show the work within the sales environment.

    • D04 Live Events

      Event types such as athletic events, promotional events, festivals. The elements of focus include the programme, film content, sound, lights, guests, script, performance, hosts and use of product, all of which play a part in the holistic journey of the event.

    • D05 Spatial & Sculptural Exhibitions and Experiences New!

      Exhibitions / experiences that make use of community & public spaces. Focus will be placed on the enhancement of environmental space within the public domain, and how the space is curated to enhance the experience of the attendee.

    • D06 Wayfinding & Signage

      The design of digital/non-digital wayfinding & signage systems for the enhancement of environmental and brand experience. Focus will be placed on the seamless brand experience, crowd direction and navigation. Including public signs, residential, smart maps, use of geo & iBeacons, office, exhibition, event and festival signage.

  • E. Packaging

    Please supply a sample of the actual packaging piece or range. If this is not possible or practical, please supply images in JPG format.

    The same entry can be submitted up to 3 times in this section.

    • E01 Food

      To include all types of food packaging, such as packaging specific to retail stores and generic brands (own/private label), for fast moving consumer products (Core FMCG) and/or designer and luxury product packaging (premium brand).

    • E02 Drinks

      To include all types of packaging for beverages, such as packaging specific to retail stores and generic brands (own/private label), for fast moving consumer products (Core FMCG) and/or designer and luxury product packaging (premium brand).

    • E03 Other FMCG & Consumer Durables

      Beauty, cleaning products, other household goods, other FMCG

    • E04 Healthcare

      Pharma, OTC drugs, wellness.

    • E05 Sustainable Packaging

      To include all types of packaging which optimise resources and energy, responsibly sourced and clean production methods.

    • E06 Special Editions & Promotional Packaging

      To include special and promotional packaging, which has run for a limited period of time or has been restricted to a specific number of products.

  • F. Products

    Design that increases brand value through functional and aesthetic resolution. The jury will consider if the design expresses appropriate brand qualities / product identity through form, function, usability, aesthetics, problem solving, production, research and manufacturability. The same entry can be submitted only once in this section. The product must be available for purchase between: 1 March 2018 - 30 April 2019.

    • F01 Consumer Technology & Homeware New!

      Electronics, entertainment & media products, gadgets, furniture, lighting, storage, home appliances and accessories, office interiors, indoor and outdoor furniture.

    • F02 Lifestyle, Fashion, Leisure, Sports & Outdoor New!

      Lifestyle, fashion, leisure, fitness, sport and outdoor products, including but not limited to wearable technology, jewellery, timepieces, watches, glasses, smart watches, fitness & sport tech, luxury goods, travel accessories, luggage, footwear, etc. Entries for fashion can be one off/bespoke product and limited ranges.

    • F03 Infant Products, Toys & Educational Products New!

      Products designed for babies and children, toys (including adult toys) and educational products for children and adults. Entries for infant products should demonstrate aspects that make the product baby and child safe and easy to use.

    • F04 Medical Products New!

      Focus will be placed on the innovation of medical product design. Including assisted living products, assisted living technology, clinic and laboratory equipment, hospital, medical/ healthcare devices and equipment, rehabilitation and care, toothbrushes, hair brushes, skincare, massage devices and more.

The Design Lions President's Message

Richard Ting President

Global Chief Experience Officer & US Chief Creative Officer, R/GA

"This is the most exciting time ever to be a designer. Design is now center stage for brands as an innovation driver that can transform businesses and industries. This year, I expect to see big ideas that tackle the big meaty problems facing humanity today—poverty, climate change, hunger, disease, inequality and much more. It’s a critical time in history, and brands, agencies, and designers should be at the forefront of creating meaningful value for consumers and positive change in the world.

Additionally, as technology races forward, it can’t be understated how human-centered design is needed more now than ever before. While we all love to see innovation in frontier technologies like AI, machine learning, computer vision, and AR. We need designers to play an oversized role in figuring out how to properly leverage these technologies for good and how to create value for humanity.

Each and every member of this jury will bring a unique perspective to how we judge and evaluate work. Our cognitive diversity is our strength. Your unique life experiences and global insights are vital towards awarding a balanced body of work that represents high concept, high craft, groundbreaking innovation, and positive impact.

Let’s collectively set the bar high for what constitutes great design as the industry heads into the year 2020. I can’t wait to meet you all."

The Design Lions Jury

Richard Ting Jury President

Global Chief Experience Officer & US Chief Creative Officer

As EVP, Global Chief Experience Officer + US Chief Creative Officer, Richard is a C-suite partner to R/GA?s global client roster. Richard has 20 years of experience in building, guiding, and directing world class digital design teams to envision, pilot, and commercialize innovative digital products, services, and customer experiences. Richard is also a co-Founder and Partner in R/GA Ventures and has worked with and advised more than 80 early-to-growth stage startups. While overseeing and setting the vision for R/GA?s global team of multi-disciplinary designers, Richard ensures that his teams are highly skilled in design thinking, product innovation, service design, commerce, prototyping, and digital marketing. In recent years, Richard has worked with a wide range of companies including Nike, Samsung, Google, Verizon, and Equinox and has received nearly every major industry creative award, including the Cannes Titanium Lion, the D&AD Black Pencil, and the Grand CLIO. Richard currently serves on the AIGA National Board of Directors and is an executive member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.
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Anna Lukanina

Managing Partner
Depot Branding Agency
Russian Federation


Casey Sheehan

Partner, Design
Work & Co
United States


Christian Doering

Creative Director/Head of Design
Kolle Rebbe


Dominic Sturm

Swiss Design Association


Fiona Leeming

Executive Creative Director
Honey Communications


Karen Cesar

CEO & Founder
Red Bandana


Katherina Tudball

Creative Director
United Kingdom


Kheireddine Sidhoum

Global Chief Creative Officer
Dragon Rouge


Kiki Hartmann

Independent Brand, Design, Communication Specialist
The Netherlands


Lisa Greenberg

Executive Creative Director
Leo Burnett


Malvika Mehra

Chief Creative Officer
Dentsu India


Masaya Asai

Group Creative Director


Rojana Chuasakul

Founder / Chief Creative Officer
Storyteller Bangkok


Vidya Manmohan

Executive Creative Director
United Arab Emirates


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Past winners of the Design Lions

Trash Isles

2018 · AMVBBDO for LadBible


In the North Pacific there is so much plastic an area of trash the size of France has formed. Governments have simply ignored it. So we found a way to ensure they couldn’t. By turning the country sized trash patch into an official country. On World Oceans Day, 8th June 2017, The Plastic Oceans Foundation and LadBible submitted an application to The United Nations to recognise The Trash Isles as an official country. Because if it is recognised as an official country, then other countries are obliged to help clean it up. We created an identity for the country and asked the public to support it by becoming citizens.The Plastic Oceans Foundation is a global non-profit organisation that addresses the issue of plastic pollution and how it impacts our waters and sea life so they were perfect to bring attention to the amount of plastic clogging up our oceans.

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