Awards for Good

Grand Prix for Good Awards

We recognise that it is difficult to judge work created for non-profit organisations and charities against brand-led paid for paying clients.

For this reason, we introduced the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good and Lions Health and United Nations Foundation Grand Prix for Good.

For these specialist Awards, work cannot be entered directly but becomes eligible if it is awarded a Gold Lion, or an equivalent Lion, for example a Titanium Lion, and is created for a non-profit organisation or charity. Work fitting this criteria is judged again separately as a Grand Prix for Good contender.

Examples of entries that would be eligible for the Grand Prix for Good Award include work created for; charities, funds, foundations, appeals, NGOs, not-for-profit unions & associations, not-for-profit art facilities such as libraries and museums, equality & health messages.

Government messages such as army recruitment, road safety, public health etc. are judged to be branded, not charity, work and are therefore ineligible for the Grand Prix for Good.

If a piece of work wins a Creative Effectiveness Gold it will only be eligible for the Grand Prix for Good if it was awarded a Silver, Bronze or just Shortlist in 2019, 2018 or 2017.

Unstereotype Alliance

Cannes Lions is a founding member of the Unstereotype Alliance, the industry-led initiative convened by UN Women. The initiative brings together leaders from across the business, technology and creative industries to address the portrayal and endurance of harmful stereotypes in advertising and content.

In 2017 we introduced guidelines for our judging process around representation, you can find out more about this in the Judging page.