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Spotlight on the Creative B2B Lions

The Creative B2B Lions celebrate game-changing creativity, and effectiveness in action


Small business, big impact.

The Creative B2B Lions celebrate game-changing creativity, and effectiveness in action, for products and services purchased by professionals on behalf of businesses. And there’s perhaps no greater recent example of both than Apple’s ‘Escape from the Office’ campaign.


In 2021, a record-high 5.4 million small businesses were started in the United States. The year after, Apple spotted an opportunity to power this strengthened national B2B market – and they took it with both hands.

‘Escape from the Office’ injected a surge of creativity and innovation into the small business sector. The campaign garnered over 30 million views during its first month, with an increase in website traffic of 353%.

On top of this, sales leads during the first month of the campaign increased by 212% – definitive proof that with world-class creative on your side, business growth is a matter of time.

See what’s new for the Creative B2B Lions this year; we've removed the distinction between Products and Services and combined them into one single category, included a new ‘Integrated Campaign’ category to pay homage to the multi-touchpoint B2B landscape, and introduced a refreshed judging criteria to focus more on strategy and results, better reflecting the Creative B2B space. Also, take a look at the recently announced Awarding Jury for 2023.

Need more time to enter?

If you need more time to enter, or have any unanswered questions on entering your work – we’re here to help. Reach out to our dedicated Awards team who can assist with any queries and point you in the right direction. You can reach us at

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