Eldar Yusupov Discusses Life-changing Creativity

Copywriter Eldar Yusupov entered the creative limelight in 2019 for his multi-Lion award winning work ThisAbles for IKEA. Living with Cerebral Palsy, Eldar’s breakthrough idea to democratise IKEA furniture was born from his personal desire to make their products accessible to everyone.

At LIONS Live in October, Eldar and the team at McCann Tel Aviv shared the behind the scenes of the project from idea to execution. Here Eldar offers more insight on how this life-changing project has influenced his creative confidence, and what’s around the corner.

How did you feel when IKEA agreed to support and run with the ThisAbles idea?
I was so surprised. After so many “no”s, it was such a huge moment for me to hear “yes, we will do it”. I was so happy – not just for me but also for so many people that will get to experience IKEA furniture as they should.

What was your biggest challenge when working on the project?
I guess the challenge was how to make people see what I see, understand the meaning of what I’m saying – truly understand it – and make them want to help me make it happen. 

What puts a smile on your face when you think about this project?
On the professional side, I am happy to know that my ideas can become a reality. I smile thinking about the many nights we worked to make it happen, how much pushing and not giving up actually made something become a reality. On a personal note, my family and how proud they were of me.

Are you planning similar projects in the future?
On one hand, I feel like this has been a once in a lifetime experience. Getting to truly recognise a need and bringing it to life to help millions. But, on the other hand it gives me the drive to keep searching for other insights that will help make the world a better place. So I hope that this is just one project of many.

I can imagine winning a LION may be life-changing! What did it mean to you and did it change the way you work and develop new ideas in any way? 
The prize itself was just the cherry on top. The real life changing thing about it is changing lives. The recognition is nice and it's very flattering, but it just gives me the drive to push forward and try out other ideas, try to keep the ball rolling, to challenge the norms, to make the world better.

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