How AB InBev Cultivated a Culture for Creativity: Lions Essentials

Lions Essentials is a docu-series from Cannes Lions. It goes behind the world’s most creative brands, peeling back the curtain to understand the detail, data and people at the core. In the second episode, we focus on AB InBev’s journey in becoming a company propelled by a creative culture that drives its success today.
Episode 2 featuring Marcel Marcondes and Jodi Harris

AB InBev is the biggest global brewer in the world and has been a huge part of the branded communications landscape for many decades. In 2017, when the creative effectiveness began to slip, a decision was made to get their house in order and build an entirely new way of operating.

But how do you create a cultural change globally in one of the largest consumer companies in the world? And how do you then connect that internal culture with the external cultures of your customer?

Alongside experts from across the community, episode 2 brings together 67 years worth of our own data with insights from AB InBev’s creative champions, Marcel Marcondes and Jodi Harris.

Learn how to capture the hearts and minds of your people, customers, and how to cultivate a truly creative culture, through:

  1. Beginning with strategy: Dive in to define your purpose.
  2. Building capabilities: Empower your teams with the tools they need to make creativity a part of your culture.
  3. Committing from the top down: Create a shared universal language that allows you to describe what great looks like.
  4. Establishing trust and flexibility: Giving your people and partners the freedom to act quickly, respond to and enter culture.
  5. Measurement: Create a matrix of data points to assess the effectiveness of your work.